Planned Giving

Planned gifts and bequests involve a complex combination of legal, tax, and financial implications for the donor, the University, and the University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc. This information is meant to be an illustrative overview of Planned Giving options, not inclusive.

It is the responsibility of the Office of Planned Giving to manage all planned gifts, bequests, estate proceedings, real estate transactions etc. for the UMB schools and related institutions. Before proceeding with any planned gift, inform the Office of Planned Giving.

In order to ensure that safeguards and procedures are in effect that will protect our donors, our employees, and our institutions, the following guidelines are to be observed:

  • Development officers and staff may identify prospects for a planned gift, life income gift, bequest, or charitable gift that involves tax and legal matters and initiate cultivation by sharing planned giving information approved by the University and the Foundation.
  • Once a planned giving prospect has been identified it is the responsibility of the development officer to engage the assistance of the Office of Planned Giving.
  • Development officers and staff are not to engage in rendering advice or preparing proposals or documentation with regard to bequests, financial planning, retirement planning, charitable gift planning, and income and estate tax planning, or similar matters relating to such gift opportunities whether directly or through an agent, contractor, or volunteer.
  • Development officers and staff are not to distribute or publish planned giving materials, tax materials, financial planning materials, retirement planning materials, and estate planning materials that have not been reviewed and approved by the Office of Planned Giving. All newsletters, brochures, advertisements, and seminar materials and presentations in all media, electronic and otherwise, must be reviewed and approved by Planned Giving prior to publication and or distribution.

Visit the website or contact the Office of Planned Giving for more information on the types of planned giving available, such as bequests, charitable gift annuities, gifts of real estate, qualified charitable distributions, charitable reminder trusts, gifts of IRA assets, and charitable gift annuities.