Health and Wellness Resources

Health and Wellness Resources

Sustainability isn’t just environmentally focused, it also is holistic and multidimensional. Before we can take care of our planet, we must take care of our community. Before we can take care of our community, we must take care of ourselves. Personal sustainability isn’t just about individual actions, it is about health and well-being. 

The Wellness Hub 

The UMB Wellness and Academic-Life Balance Program exists to affirm the role of wellness in advancing students’ growth and development to ensure that they flourish academically, professionally, and personally. 

See here for the URecFit and Wellness On-Demand Education page for personal and professional development so you can learn when and where it’s convenient for you. On-Demand webinars are categorized by our Health Initiatives and include the following sustainability-related sessions:

  • "Nature Rx" under National Public Health Week heading
  • "Propagating plants with SOM student, Raymond Bascal" under Stressbusters heading

Launch Your Life 

Launch Your Life promotes the well-being of UMB employees by increasing awareness, offering supporting activities, and providing resources to help employees achieve a better quality of life at home and at work. 

NatureRx at UMB

Research conducted for the book, ‘Nature Rx: Improving College-Student Mental Health,’ revealed that a number of colleges and universities have recently turned to an ancient source – time in nature – to contribute to their students’ health and well-being. UMB encourages students, staff, and faculty to spend time outside to reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, and boost their mood!

To see green spaces on UMB's campus, visit UMB's Campus Sustainability Map and turn on the "Green Spaces" layer. 

To access a PDF version of a double-sided NatureRx card, click the button below.

NatureRx Card

For PNG versions of each side of a NatureRx card, see images below. To save, right click each image and select "Save Image As."

front side of Nature Rx prescription card

back side of NatureRx prescription card