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Sustainability Course Inventory

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The course inventory was last updated in March of 2024 and lists courses for the Fall 2024 semester.

Graduate School Sustainability Courses 

Course Number Course Title Sustainability-Focused or Sustainability-Inclusive
MHS 605 Perspectives on Global Health Sustainability-Inclusive
MHS 630 Essentials of Chronic Infectious Epidemiology Sustainability-Inclusive

Francis King Carey School of Law Sustainability Courses 

Course Number Course Title Sustainability-Focused or Sustainability-Inclusive
504R Environmental Advocacy Sustainability-Focused
508R Energy Law Sustainability-Focused
540U Advanced Legal Research: Environmental Law Sustainability-Focused
541U Climate Change and Environmental Justice Sustainability-Focused
553S Environmental Law Seminar: Food, Farming and Sustainability Sustainability-Focused
556B Environmental Law Sustainability-Focused
559B Environmental Law Seminar: Global Environmental Law Sustainability-Focused
581G Environmental Law Seminar: Clean Water Act Sustainability-Focused
595S Environmental Justice, Human Rights and Public Health Sustainability-Focused

School of Nursing Sustainability Courses 

Course Number Course Title Sustainability-Focused or Sustainability-Inclusive
NELC 404 Advances & Trends in Pediatric Sustainability-Inclusive
NELC 408 Essentials in Global Health Sustainability-Inclusive
NRSG 609 Essentials and Practice in Global Health Nursing Sustainability-Inclusive
NRSG 664 Critical Issues in Global Health Sustainability-Inclusive
NRSG 723 Global Burden of Disease Sustainability-Inclusive
NURS 354 Community and Population Health Sustainability-Inclusive
NURS 421 Public Health Nursing Care Sustainability-Inclusive
NURS 730 Environmental Health I Sustainability-Focused
NURS 764 Advanced Environmental Health Sustainability-Focused
NURS 769 Society, Health, and Social Justice Sustainability-Inclusive
NURS 780 Health Promotion and Population Health Sustainability-Inclusive

School of Social Work Sustainability Courses 

Course Number Course Title Sustainability-Focused or Sustainability-Inclusive
SOWK 720 Comparative Social Policy Sustainability-Inclusive

Sustainability Leadership Micro-Courses

The UMB Office of Sustainability has launched a series of online, asynchronous micro-courses about sustainability leadership. All three courses are now live and accessible to all UMB students, staff, and faculty. We are excited to offer these courses through The Learning Institute to meet the unique needs and schedules of our campus constituents while recognizing the value of sustainability education.

Francis King Carey School of Law

Environmental Law Program 

The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Environmental Law Program’s curriculum is one of the most extensive in the country, offering courses in a wide range of areas. In addition to taking a comprehensive Environmental Law survey course, students may choose from a variety of advanced courses and seminars to develop a deeper understanding of particular areas of interest.

These classes are taught by outstanding permanent and adjunct faculty who are experts in the field, including professor Robert Percival, JD, who is the principal author of “Environmental Regulation: Law, Science and Policy,” the most widely used environmental law casebook, and teaches, among other courses, an Environmental Law Seminar on Global Environmental Law.

For a list of regularly offered courses in the Environmental Law concentration, visit the School of Law’s website.

School of Nursing

Environmental Health Certificate 

The relationship between human health and our environment, including air (indoor and out), water, food, and products is a vital part of nursing assessments. To meet this growing need, the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) has developed a 12-credit Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Environmental Health for professional nurses. This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of multidisciplinary and multi-agency roles in environmental health as well as the critical role they play in protecting environmental and public health

Community and Public Health Environmental Initiative 

UMSONs Community and Public Health Environmental Initiative (CPHEI) provides health oversight for children and families served by Baltimore City Early Head Start (EHS), Head Start (HS), and Family Support Centers (FSCs). Graduate and undergraduate nursing students, under the supervision of licensed faculty and staff, conduct well-child physical exams and health screenings, as well as education.

CPHEI implements the Eco-Healthy Child Care Program, which recognizes that children’s surroundings — including the air they breathe, water and food they consume, and where they live, learn, and play — influence their health. This program is implemented in CPHEI-affiliated Early Head Starts, Head Starts, and Family Support Centers.