Waste Minimization

When people think of sustainability, recycling is often what first comes to mind. However, of the three R’s (reduction, reuse, and recycling), recycling should be a last resort, with reduction and reuse prioritized where possible. See the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Waste Management Hierarchy below to learn more about materials management. 
EPA Waste Hierarchy

Waste Management Hierarchy | Source Reduction & Reuse | Recycling/Composting | Energy Recovery | Treatment & Disposal

Waste and Recycling 

Learn more about our dual-stream recycling at UMB and what you can and cannot put in each bin. 


Learn more about composting and our community composting drop-off locations. 


Learn more about our procurement process, fleet vehicle purchasing, and surplus property. 

Reuse and Specialty Recycling Collections

Learn more about specialty recycling and how to recycle these items.