Who We Are

The Staff Senate is made up of an elected executive committee and representatives from around the University who advocate for the staff of the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

The Staff Senate officers are elected by the Senate membership for a term of one (1) year by written or voice nomination during the last regular scheduled meeting of each year. Elections for the 2017-2018 officers will take place at the last official working meeting of the 2016-2017 term and will serve until the end of the 2017-2018 term.

Executive Committee

The executive committee meets a minimum of five times during each term year to:

  • Set the agenda for Staff Senate meetings
  • Prepare and submit reports on the work of the Staff Senate to the UMB President, CUSS, and the UMB community
  • Be a point of contact with the UMB President
  • Recommend to the Staff Senate the establishment, composition, and responsibilities of standing and/or special committees; fill irregular vacancies on committees; and recommend participation in campus committees
  • Manage the Staff Senate's annual operating budget as provided for the costs of duplicating, printing, mailing, supplies, etc.
  • Perform such functions as given by the Staff Senate

Hillary Anne Edwards
Presides at all meetings of the Senate, finalizes the agenda of each Senate meeting, serves as chief liaison with the UMB President, and performs other duties as assigned by the Senate.


Riham Keryakos
Serves in the absence of the President, serves as Senate parliamentarian, and performs other duties as assigned by the Senate.



Kaya Smith

Responsible for recording and distributing minutes, maintains all records of the Senate, monitors the Senate’s budget and reports on its fiscal status to the Executive Committee/Senate, and performs other duties as assigned by the Senate.


Mikki Coleman

Serves on the Executive Committee and performs duties as assigned by the Senate.


Colette Beaulieu

Serves as an advisor to the Executive Committee to provide continuity and performs other duties as assigned by the Senate.

Staff Senate Representatives

Colette Beaulieu, Office Manager, HS/HSL, Academic Affairs (Past-President)

Email: cbeaulie@hshsl.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: Executive Committee, Council of University System Staff (Member at Large)

Goals as a Senator: As past-president of the Staff Senate, my goal is to work with the new president of the Staff Senate and assure the staff we represent that their concerns and comments will shared with senior leadership on campus.

Interests/hobbies: Photography, exploring historical sites, reading, creative writing, and spending time with my three grandchildren.

Term ends: 2018

Steven Boggs, Director of Law Registration, School of Law

Email: sboggs@law.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: 

Goals as a Senator: Work to increase morale of staff by advocating on their behalf and identifying needs and concerns of staff members. Gain a better understanding of system opportunities and services available to staff members. Work collaboratively with Staff Senators, University officials, and other stakeholders regarding issues impacting University staff members

Term ends: 2018

Kent Buckingham, Executive Director, CITS Operations, School of Dentistry

Kent Buckingham

Email: kbuckingham@umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: 

Goals as a Senator: I would like to continue to improve communications between the staff and senior campus leadership. I believe working together, we can make the campus the best it can be.

Hobbies/interests: I enjoy riding my motorcycle, restoring old cars, and working with youth as a wrestling coach. I am proud to say I coached Kyle Snyder, Olympic gold medalist, when he was a young boy. 

Term ends: 2019

Kiscia Cannon, Research Administrator, SOM/Diagnostic Radiology

Email: kcannon@som.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: 

Goals as a Senator: During this term I would like to see more effort pushed into affordable day care for our staff on campus and nearby campus. I think this benefit would be a win for several staff members who currently use services in which the cost is unbearable at times. I also would like for the members of the Staff Senate to continue outreach efforts to the schools and shelters in the area to promote UMB as a brand that is willing to be an effective part of the community. I want people to know that we are not just here to benefit the hospital/University's mission but to also take an active part in the communities that surround us.

Term ends: 2019

Mikki Coleman, Academic Coordinator, SON (Member-At-Large)

Mikki Coleman

Email: mcoleman@son.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: 

Goals as a Senator: I would like to help plan and participate in community engagement and professional development activities that the Staff Senate is an integral part of creating and managing. I also would like to increase the visibility of staff accomplishments and needs on campus and continue to contribute to the success of UMB. 

Term ends: 2019

Bill Crockett, Executive Director, SMC Campus Center


Email: bcrockett@umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:

Term ends: 2018

Hillary Anne Edwards, Program Manager, SOP (President)

Email: hedwards@rx.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: Executive Committee

Goals as a Senator: Over the course of my six years at UMB, I have served in Central Administration, the School of Medicine, and now the School of Pharmacy. A lot has changed around here, for the better! I am committed to seeing our community grow and thrive with opportunities for staff for professional and personal development, as well as to promote changes in policies and procedures in a more time-sensitive and transparent manner. I believe we can continue to positively impact our place of work to make it the best place to work. The University offers so many programs to support professional growth for staff, but few people are able to take advantage of these opportunities. I hope to assist in finding methods for better aligning these opportunities with the goals and interest of our staff and innovative ways for people to access the material. I am a firm believer in developing accountability metrics that are SMART — specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. In my own department, there is an interest in boosting the campus mentorship program, expanding beyond Emerging Leaders and new professionals, but for all staff. 

Term ends: 2018

Angela M. Hall, Financial Analyst, Budget and Financial Analysis


Email: angela.hall@umaryland.edu 

Senate Committees: Council of University System Staff

Goals as a Senator: My goal as a senator is to be a voice on behalf of the nonexempt staff at UMB and to relay information uniformly and accurately while representing the Staff Senate on various committees.

Interests/hobbies: Camping, watersports, cooking, and photography

Term ends: 2018

Sharese Essien, Program Manager, SOP

Email: seissien@rx.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: Council of University System Staff (Alternate)

Goals as a Senator: I would like to have an active role in putting into place policies and procedures that enhance the morale of staff members to ensure that all staff members can contribute to the campus work environment.

Hobbies/interests: My husband and I serve in different capacities with our church family. And my biggest interest is assisting my college-age children in balancing their studies while adjusting as young adults.

Term ends: 2019

Mary Beth Gallico, Division Manager, SOM

Email: mgallico@som.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:

Goals as a Senator: It would be a rewarding experience to get to know the campus leadership from another perspective and work closely with them for the betterment of everyone and to be a part of the progress. To be able to learn more about the University staff needs and concerns and how to be a good advocate for each other. 

Hobbies/Interests: Outside of work, I practice health coaching as a volunteer with community groups. I love to exercise, and my favorite is bike riding. I love my dog, LuLu. I love history, I am an artist, and I love to learn new things. I am a gardener, and I am a spiritual person.

Term ends: 2018

Susan Holt, Administrative Coordinator, SOM/Dept. of Epidemiology

Email: sholt@som.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:  

Goals as a Senator: I have worked on campus since 2000 and feel I have gained a lot of insight and experience.  For example, I feel that I know who does what and where to go for almost every question that comes up in my office. What I envision for the University administrative staff are clearer, more centralized answers (that aren't several pages long) to those questions without having to experience 14 years of trial and error. This year, thanks to the Staff Senate, we finally have a centralized website to identify and reserve rooms for meetings. Such a simple thing makes work life a little easier! What do you envision for your work life? What is important to you? Send me an email — I'd love to hear from you!

Interests/hobbies: I have  a son who recently graduated from UMBC and twin daughters. I am treasurer for the Mother's Club at Seton Keough High School. I enjoy gardening, reading, and running.

Term ends: 2019

Malinda Hughes, Chief of Staff, Academic Affairs and the Graduate School

Email: mhughes@umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:

Goals as a Senator: I am an attentive listener and am committed to learning about the issues staff face and taking a hands-on approach to finding realistic and workable solutions. Additionally, I want to foster camaraderie by creating new opportunities for staff to be involved at UMB.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy traveling, especially to our country’s beautiful national parks, attending the theater, and spending time with my family and our 15-year-old dog. I also serve on my church’s Mission and Community Outreach Council and through it have been privileged to fundraise for the Manna House Soup Kitchen and wait tables at Our Daily Bread.

Term ends: 2019

Carl Jackson, Administrative Analyst, Office of the Dean, SSW

Email: cwjackson@ssw.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: 

Goals as a Senator: I am 30 years old and interested in serving on the Staff Senate to provide a different perspective and have a voice that represents a younger generation on issues concerning all workers on the UMB campus.

Term ends: 2018

Riham Keryakos, Office Manager, Institute for Genome Sciences/SOM (Vice-President)

Email: Rkeryakos@som.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: Executive Committee, Communications (chair)

Goals as a Senator: My goal as a senator is to represent my colleagues across the UMB campus and have their concerns heard by senior leadership in regard to work-related issues and University policies! It’s a great opportunity for me to participate in several UMB committees that serve our staff and community. I would encourage my colleagues to do the same. Therefore, increasing staff participation in community service and sharing with them the wonderful resources UMB is offering, from outreach programs serving neighboring community, events that cover various aspects of life.

Term ends: 2018

Monica Martinez, Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist, SOM


Email: MMartinez@som.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:

Goals as a Senator: Awareness!

Hobbies/Interests: When I am not working, I enjoy gardening, working out, spending time with family and friends, listening to m‌usic, and just relaxing.

Term ends: 2018

Janet Nance-Richardson, Coordinator, Clinical Law Program, SOL

Email: jnance-richardson@law.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: 

Goals as a Senator: I would like to play an intregal part in improving the lives of employees. As I stated when I last ran, my ultimate goal is to see the University of Maryland, Baltimore named as a Best Place for Work in the areas of career development opportunities, culture for caring, fun, life-work balance, intellectually rewarding, workspace, and overall work satisfaction.

Hobbies/interests: I am very active in my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Rho Xi Omega chapter. I am the Anti-Grammateus (Recording Secretary) and serve on the membership committees, sisterly relations, chair of our women football lovers group, “Pearls and Pigskins," and as a mentor to a newly initiated and reactivated sorority sisters. I am also the founding member of Baltimore-Metro Greeks Unite, an organization composed of the Divine Nine Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities, coming together to raise funds for charitable organizations. My other interests include reading and traveling.

Term ends: 2019

Kayatana "Kaya" Smith, Sr. Systems Administrator, CITS (Secretary)

Email: kaya@umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: Executive Committee

Goals as a Senator: To represent my department and the concerns of the University’s staff with a voice that is strong, innovative, and inquisitive. Also, I hope that my unique perspective will bring about change or improvement for issues on diversity, project management, and technological advancements.

Hobbies/interests: My hobbies include mentoring high school students, horseback riding, crocheting, gardening, and gadget engineering and programming.

Term ends: 2019

Yan Sun, Program Administrator, SOM

Email: YanSun@som.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:

Goals as a Senator: As stated in the USM policies and procedures, shared governance is always a priority at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. There are more than 2,200 staff members in our community, and we need to be part of this shared governance! The Staff Senate plays an important role in building channels of communication between staff members and University leaders. If I am selected as the Staff Senator, I would like to strengthen our communications across all parties. I would like to speak out for the event that impact staff-related concern and issues, bring up culture and diversity awareness issues, and so forth. By using my financial expertise, I also would like to review the business transactions of the Staff Senate to ensure an accountable and transparent business transaction.

Interests/hobbies: Outside my professional work at UMB, I enjoy family time very much. I have a sweet family. My husband is an IT professional, he is very supportive of my career and my professional career development. I have two lovely kids — my son is entering eighth grade and my daughter is entering fifth grade this fall. Our family enjoys traveling, reading, and all kinds of outdoor sports activities. Jogging and Zumba fitness dance are my two favorite activities, and I practice regularly. In addition, I am engaged in many community services. As a parent, I am the PTA members of my kids’ schools and have volunteered at many school events (band event, international night, multiculture showcase, STEM night, etc.). I am also a long-term volunteer at my kids’ Sunday language school, which is a nonprofit organization. With all of these spare time activities and joyful accomplishments, I really appreciate the work-life balance and look forward to more years ahead here at UMB. 

Term ends: 2019

Lois Warner, Program Coordinator, Development and Alumni Relations

Email: lwarn002@umaryland.edu

Senate Committees: Community Outreach (Chair), Senate Liaison to Office of Community Engagement Advisory Network (OCEAN)

Goals as a Senator: As an employee of this University, it is very important to me to contribute in any way I can to the success of UMB and in making UMB a great place to work.

Term ends: 2018

Kevin Watson, Manager, Technical Operations, SOM

Kevin Watson
Email: kwatson@som.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:

Goals as a Senator: I have been part of the UMB family for going on 15 years and have seen wonderful growth throughout the campus community and advancement in so many different areas during that time. This would  include programs developed and initiated that directly benefit the employees. I would like to be a part of the momentum of improvements already in place, in the further development and future growth of those initiatives.

Term ends: 2018

Danielle Ward, Records and Registration, SSW

Danielle Ward

Email: Danielle.Ward@ssw.umaryland.edu

Senate Committees:

Goals as a Senator: I hope during my term as a member of Staff Senate to bring forth more staff development opportunities across campus. We have an excellent program called Emerging Leaders, but it is very limited in the number of participants and I believe if this program was a part of an interprofessional course, where staff can earn credit(s), this would give other staff members an opportunity to be a part of something great. 

Hobbies/interests: I am pursuing another master's degree in information technology from Towson University. All other activities beyond professional/job and academic actions are with my nieces and nephews. I play with them, coach them, mentor them, go to football, basketball, and track practice with them, get them into the STEM program in Harford County schools, and develop them. My family is my life outside of work and my academics. I make time for them in any way I can. 

Term ends: 2019