Executive Committee

Executive Committee Responsibilities

Staff Senate officers are elected by the Senate membership for a term of one (1) year by written or voice nomination during the last regular monthly meeting of each year.

The executive committee meets a minimum of five times during each term year to:

  • Set the agenda for Staff Senate meetings
  • Prepare and submit reports on the work of the Staff Senate to the UMB President, the Council of University System Staff (CUSS), and the UMB community
  • Be a point of contact with the UMB president
  • Recommend to the Staff Senate the establishment, composition, and responsibilities of standing and/or special committees; fill irregular vacancies on committees; and recommend participation in campus committees
  • Manage the Staff Senate's annual operating budget as provided for the costs of duplicating, printing, mailing, supplies, etc.
  • Perform such functions as given by the Staff Senate

President of the Staff Senate

Gregory A. Brightbill, EdD (graduand),MBA, MEd

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Associate Director, Student Leadership & Involvement

Intercultural Leadership & Engagement, Division of Student Affairs



Overview: As president, Dr. Brightbill presides at all meetings of the senate, finalizes the agenda of each senate meeting, and serves as chief liaison to UMB President Dr. Bruce Jarrell, and other senior leadership. Additionally, Dr. Brightbill provides the Staff Senate with vision, strategy, and direction by leading the Executive Committee and Senate in areas of strategic planning, accountability, and decision-making.


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Dr. Gregory A. Brightbill (pronouns: he/they) has the honor of serving as President of the university’s Staff Senate, where he advocates for the needs of over 2750 exempt and non-exempt staff. This is his fourth year serving on the Staff Senate and 1st year serving as President. Dr. Brightbill has worked at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, since 2016 and serves as the Associate Director of Student Leadership and Involvement in the Division of Student Affairs. As an Associate Director, Dr. Brightbill supports the educational, professional, and identity-based needs of health and human services students pursuing graduate and professional degrees. Dr. Brightbill has been a life-long academic in his profession, working in higher education and student affairs for over ten years. His education includes a Bachelor's in psychology, a Master's of Education, a Master's of Business Administration, and a Doctorate of Education in higher education leadership.

Outside of UMB, Dr. Brightbill volunteers as Chair for the Board of Directors of GLSEN Maryland, an education and advocacy organization specializing in the needs of k-12 Queer youth in Maryland Schools. In his life, Dr. Brightbill continues to be a passionate advocate, publishing op-eds in the Baltimore Sun on topics such as higher education and LGBTQ+ rights, and appearing on local news stations as an expert on issues and legislation impacting LGBTQ+ people.

Vice President of the Staff Senate

Jill Hamilton, MSW

Contracts & Grants Specialist, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science

School of Pharmacy



Overview: As Vice President, Jill assists the Staff Senate president and performs the duties of the president in his absence. She also facilitates presentations to inform the senate body on upcoming, present, or past events that affect the University and staff, and serves as senate parliamentarian. She advises the Staff Senate President and other officers, committees, and senators on matters of parliamentary procedure to ensure that meetings are conducted according to the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

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Jill Hamilton, MSW, is a proud alumni of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Social Work and has a strong passion for making the world a better place to be. Before joining UMB as an employee, Jill worked in grants management at the Annie E. Casey Foundation and with the Department of Labor - EARN Maryland grant program. Jill began working at the School of Pharmacy as a Contracts & Grants Specialist in 2018. Jill has represented the School of Pharmacy since 2019 as a staff senator, member at large, secretary, and most recently as Vice President. She works tirelessly to advocate on behalf of staff – focusing on immediate concerns; including the future of work, community outreach and listening to staff feedback and bringing it directly to senior leadership. Outside of work, Jill volunteers as Vice Chair of the Commission for Women in Harford County. Jill’s hobbies include home organizing and researching family genealogy and photos. She is a happy cat mom to Maze and Trixie and a proud wife to John. Her favorite quote is “We have a strategic plan, it’s called doing things.”

Tim Casey Image

Secretary of the Staff Senate

Timothy Casey, MBA, MSSE, MSIS

Director of Business Analytics & Assessment

School of Dentistry



Overview: As secretary, Tim is responsible for maintaining and distributing accurate records regarding all official business conducted by the Staff Senate, including meeting agendas, minutes, and attendance records.

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Tim Casey (he, him, his) is a systems engineer, business analyst, and manager specializing in leveraging technology to meet the business needs of an organization. Tim has held positions at USM institutions for over twelve years. In his current role as Director of Business Analytics and Assessment, he leverages clinical and financial data within the School of Dentistry to aid in making data-driven decisions.

Beginning his career as an analytical chemist, Tim progressed through positions of increasing responsibility in private industry and as a government contractor. He enhanced his technical experience with academic studies in business and engineering. In pursuing his passion for lifelong learning, he has held several management roles in the fields of human resources, enterprise systems, and academia.

Tim brings over 30 years of experience to UMB and holds a BS in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University as well as an MBA from the University of Baltimore, an MS in Systems Engineering from the George Washington University, and an MS in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He also holds several industry certifications including Project Management, Human Resources, and Lean Six Sigma. He is comfortable engaging at all levels of the organization and in bridging the gap between end user needs and technical capabilities. In his spare time, Tim is engaged in outdoor sports, scouting, and automobile and home maintenance.

Communications Officer

Mary T. Phelan

Lead Media Relations Specialist

Office of Communications & Public Affairs



Overview: As communications officer, Mary chairs the senate’s Communications Committee, contributes to The Elm, and serves on the UMB Communications Council. She is responsible for the development, management, and execution of all Staff Senate communications, and oversees Staff Senate social media accounts.




Irene Amoros

Executive Director of Annual Giving

School of Medicine



Overview: As Member-at-Large, Irene serves as a representative of all senators to the Executive Committee to ensure that all opinions within the University receive full consideration by the senate. Additionally, Irene oversees the ongoing implementation and execution of the Staff Senate's various liaison roles and committees.



Christina Fenwick

Executive Administrative Manager, Deans Office

School of Social Work



Overview: As past president, Christina serves as an advisor to the Executive Committee to provide continuity and perform other duties as assigned by the Senate. This position is typically filled by the immediate past Senate President but can be appointed by the sitting President.