Committees and Liaisons

The Staff Senate has a number of subcommittees that work on issues that affect UMB staff.

Senate Committees

Board of Regents Staff Awards

This committee works with the President's office to facilitate the nomination process and review all nominations for the Board of Regents Staff Awards from UMB.



  • Gregory Brightbill
  • Timothy Casey
  • Jillian Iffland
  • Susan Holt
  • Lei Zhang


The Communications Committee creates and maintains communications for the Staff Senate — our presence and involvement on-campus and opportunities for staff. We work to establish and increase awareness of the Staff Senate's role to speak out for and impact staff-related concerns and issues. The channels we have established include: producing materials with the Staff Senate, tabling at fairs, maintaining a social media presence, and contributing to The Elm and the Common Calendar.

Co-Chairs: Ayamba Ayuk-Brown & Jade Grant


  • Ayamba Ayuk-Brown
  • Jade Grant
  • Sarah Jackson
  • Nancy McDowell
  • Mary Phelan
  • Shilpa Shah

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee contributes to and coordinates events related to improving the welfare of individuals in the local Baltimore community, including fundraising for local charities or volunteer work. We liaise with the UMB Community Engagement Center for events, activities, and important information. Our outreach efforts include collecting school supplies for local schools and toiletries and toys for homeless shelters.

Co-Chairs: Aaron Graham & Taylor DeBoer


  • Edress Brunson
  • Taylor DeBoer
  • Aaron Graham
  • Jill Hamilton
  • Kecia Hitch
  • Shawnta Privette
  • Shereece Singleton

Council of University System Staff

The mission of the Council of University System Staff (CUSS) is to provide a voice for staff and employee concerns in reference to basic decisions that affect the welfare of the University System of Maryland (USM), its constituent institutions, and its employees. CUSS functions in an informed advisory role in administrative areas and in the functional support aspects of academic matters.

Terms begin in August.

Representatives: Timothy Casey, (2021-2023), Susan Holt (2021-2023), Lei Zhang (2021-2023)

Irene Amoros (2021-2022), Ayamba Ayuk-Brown (2021-2022), Shereece Singleton (2021-2022)



The Policy/Legislation Committee oversees the review of Staff Senate bylaws to make sure they are consistent to Robert's Rules of Order and serve the best needs of the Staff Senate as an organization. Responsible for tracking all bills, proposals within the state or federal government that may impact staff of UMB. Serve or liaise with UMB CUSS representatives and align priorities across USM and UMB specifically.



  • Maria Drayton
  • Aaron Graham
  • Lakeisha Wilson
  • Priti Wakefield

University Life

Address issues that affect staff and their day-to-day life at UMB, such as affordable day care, leave donation, professional development, timekeeping, and staff recognition. Participate in Universitywide committees as representatives of the Staff Senate and all staff. Assess and recommend opportunities for advancement with Campus Climate Survey and others. Plan, execute, and promote Staff Senate activities across campus, including meet-and-greets, network activities, and professional development opportunities.



  • Irene Amoros
  • Allison Deitz
  • Sharese Essien
  • Thomas Hockensmith
  • Latoya Ludd

Campus Committee Liaisons

Members of the Staff Senate have been appointed by the Senate to act as liaisons to the following Universitywide committees:

Campus Sustainability Steering Committee

Liaison: Resumes 2022

Communications Council

Liaison: TBD

Faculty Senate

Liaison: Lei Zhang

Funding Model Working Group

Liaison: Ayamba Ayuk-Brown

HR Learning and Development Advisory Board

Liaison: Resumes 2022

Office of Community Engagement Advisory Network (OCEAN)

Liaison: Resumes 2022

Parking and Transportation

Liaison: Kecia Hitch

President's Diversity Advisory Council

Liaison: Gregory Brightbill

President's Council for Women

Liaison: Lakeisha Wilson

Safety Awareness

Liaison: Latoya Ludd