Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is dedicated to fostering a vibrant academic community by promoting excellence in teaching, research, clinical activity, and service. The faculty appointment, promotion, and tenure (APT) process plays a crucial role in this endeavor, as it provides a structured system for evaluating and recognizing the achievements of our faculty.

At UMB, the APT process is governed by the University System of Maryland (USM) APT Policy and the UMB APT Policy. Both policies set forth the criteria and standards for appointment, promotion, and tenure at the University.

It is important to note that each school at UMB has its own APT policy that must be followed. These policies vary across schools with regard to process and criteria, but all are aligned with the USM APT Policy and the UMB APT Policy.

Questions about school-related APT policies should be addressed to the Dean’s Office in the respective school. Questions about the UMB or USM policies can be addressed to the Office of the Provost at