Tips for Successful Online Blackboard Tests

  1. Don't wait until the last minute!
  2. Be prepared. Set aside enough time, and have a quiet environment where you can work undisturbed.
  3. Check your browser’s compatibility.
    Please visit Blackboard’s browser support pages for detailed guidelines.

    As new browser versions are released, Blackboard is committed to verifying existing functionality, however some incompatibilities may arise; a patch or workaround may be available.

    In all browsers, ensure the following are configured:

    • allow third party cookies
    • allow session cookies
    • allow javascript
  4. Clean up your browser
    • Turn off toolbars and extensions such as Google, etc.
    • Turn off popup blockers, or allow pop-ups from
    • Clear your browser cache and delete temporary files.
  5. Use a hard-wired connection if possible. Hard-wired connections tend to be more reliable. Avoid using public Wi-Fi connections because of distractions that are in the environment and connectivity issues that are beyond your control.
  6. Keep your connection alive. Save regularly, especially for a long exam or a wireless connection. This will help keep the connection from dropping off line.

During the Test

  1. Click on the link to begin.
  2. If the questions are presented all-at-once or you are answering Essay questions, Save as you go, at least every few minutes. If you’re answering questions quickly, don’t click Save repeatedly. Allow time for the system to respond. (Look for the green progress bar at the bottom of the screen.) If the test presents one question at a time, your answers will be automatically saved as you go. You do not have to save each question.
  3. Answer essay questions in Notepad (or Wordpad depending on your operating system):
    • (Start > All programs > Accessories); (Mac users: Applications > TextEdit)
    • You should write your essay responses in Notepad, save a copy to your hard drive, then copy-and-paste the text into Blackboard. Do not copy and paste from Microsoft Word.
  4. DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK. Move from question to question without Double-clicking on the Single-Arrow, Save Answer, Next Question, or Submit buttons. These can lead to errors.
  5. Wait for the question to completely load before answering.
  6. Don’t leave the test before it is completed.
  7.  If you get kicked out of the assessment, go back to the assessment link in Blackboard and click it to regain entry from where you left off. Note that the time continues to countdown. Once you finish the assessment contact your instructor and the Help Desk,, to report and describe your issues with the assessment.
  8. For all other technical difficulties, contact your instructor and the Help Desk,, immediately.