Blackboard Collaborate is a comprehensive online learning platform that combines audio, video, and web conferencing. 

At UMB, Blackboard Collaborate is used by faculty for delivering online curriculum, by students participating in online courses, and by other members of the campus community for hosting and participating in online web conferencing and meetings. 

HIPAA Warning:

While the Blackboard Collaborate tool is ideal for sharing a vast array of information, including multimedia and images, the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing system is not meant to be used to discuss, share, or record protected health information.

  • Faculty and students access Collaborate through their respective Blackboard courses. Administration, staff, and other noncurricular meeting organizers access Collaborate through the Session Administration System (SAS).
  • If you are new to Blackboard Collaborate and need assistance obtaining an account/access, logging in, etc., the Collaborate Support page has information to assist you.

There are two versions of Blackboard Collaborate — Classic (the original experience) and Ultra. The Classic version requires a separate launcher program that includes the correct version of Java to run the web conference. The Ultra version is based on modern web technologies including HTML 5 and WebRTC. You don't need to install Java or a launcher.