Travel Management Company

UMB has contracted with Travel Leaders Corporate (TLC) for making airline reservations and billing UMB directly. The travel agents are required to follow UMB policies and procedures. A fully approved Travel Authorization Request is required for all travel booked through TLC. 

Click here for instructions on booking through a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

Fees for Agent Booking:

Description Charge
Domestic 24.00
International 26.00
Car/Hotel Only 10.00
Exchanges 24.00 Dom/26.00 Intl


Fees for Online Booking Tool (OBT) (no agent intervention)

Description  Charge
Dom and Intl 3.50
Car/Hotel Only 3.50


Fees for Online Booking Tool (OBT) with agent intervention:

Description Charge
Domestic 24.00
International 26.00

Example:  A flight is booked using the Online Booking Tool but the traveler needs to make a change to the booking after the ticket is issued.


Standard hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

After hours and Emergency Calls:  $25.00 per call outside of standard hours of operation.  


Travel Leaders Corporate contact information:
Telephone: 301-403-4278  
Telephone: 800-333-2115  
Email address:

After hours: 800-333-2115  Code 16XL (UMD)  Press the option to be directed to the After-Hours Emergency Service Center team.

After-hours calls should be limited to emergencies only. Ordinary changes to upcoming flights or other inquiries should be made during regular business hours if possible.  The additional fee for after-hours  calls is $25.00 per call.

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