The Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) provides that all persons are entitled to have access to disclosable public records held by State agencies such as the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), subject to certain statutory exceptions.  The MPIA does not require UMB to generally answer informational questions or to create a new public record.  To submit a  request, please see the guidance below.

UMB’s Policy on Inspection of Public Records can be viewed at

For Requestors:

To submit a request to UMB, please forward your inquiry via electronic mail to or by mail to The Office of University Counsel, Attention: Alex Hortis, 220 Arch Street, 03-111, Baltimore, MD 21201.  Requests sent to other departments/individuals will delay processing.

You will receive an acknowledgement within 10 days after your request was received by the Office of University Counsel (OUC).

Section § 4-206 of the MPIA provides that, after the first two hours, reasonable fees may be charged for the search, preparation and production of public records.  The University will provide an estimate of costs if fees are applicable.

For the UMB Community

The Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) is the state equivalent to the federal government’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

FOIA Requests - If a federal agency contacts you related to a request it received under FOIA, please contact Sponsored Programs Administration.  Please feel free to contact OUC for advice related to possible redactions.

MPIA Requests - If a requestor contacts you directly asking how to seek records, please direct the interested party to this webpage.

If you receive a written request, whether by e-mail or letter, please immediately forward the request to

Once the Office of University Counsel receives the request, it will work with the appropriate UMB departments to gather potentially responsive records.  Please do not respond to the requestor on your own.  University Counsel’s involvement is important as there are statutory timelines and exemptions to consider.

Please note that destroying records after knowledge of a request is strictly prohibited.  Documents available at the time of the request, even if they were otherwise eligible for destruction, may not be destroyed once a request is made.  In that scenario, the University would be obligated to produce responsive records, unless they fall within specific exemptions in the law.

Policy of Proactive Disclosure Related to Public Information

Pursuant to the Annotated Code of Maryland, General Provisions Article (“GP”), Section 4-104, the University has adopted a policy of proactive disclosure of public records that are available to members of the public for immediate inspection. Numerous records are available -- at no cost and without redaction -- throughout the extensive website. Users may utilize the website’s search function to locate specific records.

Frequently Requested Records and Information

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Submitting a Request

For other inquiries, you may file a request at


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