WAGs (Writing Accountability Groups)

three students writing at a tableDo your current writing projects leave you feeling overwhelmed? Would a writing community help you feel motivated?

The UMB Writing Center offers Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs) to support writers with: 
  • Carving out dedicated time in your schedule to write. 
  • Sharing interprofessional resources. 
  • Articulating your research in a friendly forum.

WAGs are designed to provide all of the above, weekly over Zoom. 

Within WAGs, interprofessional peers develop a shared language around writing. During each WAG session, writers check in with each other and share intentions. For most of the 90 minutes, we’re writing. Writing Specialists are available to offer support and direct writers to resources. 

Fall 2023: When are the WAGs?

Mondays: WAG for All

Bring any kind of writing to this WAG: coursework, articles, personal statements, presentations, creative work.

Every Monday 12:30-2pm, starting October 2

Tuesdays: WAG for Publication

This WAG is dedicated to projects intended for publication in any medium: academic journals, white papers, trade magazines, online.

Meets every Tuesday 8-9:30am, starting October 10



We know writing takes time and effort, and we know you have a busy schedule. The only commitment to make is to yourself: to write during the time you're in the WAG. The groups are accessible weekly, monthly, or whenever you need dedicated writing time. WAGs are open to students, faculty, postdocs, and staff. 

Before your first WAG session, please register using the form below. After registering, writers can attend any session during the semester. 

Please note: WAGs provide space and time for self-directed writing. If you'd like to meet with a consultant to discuss a particular paper or writing issue (online or in-person), please book a 45-minute, one-on-one appointment.

All Writing Center services are free for UMB students, faculty, and staff. 

WAG Registration: Fall 2023

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