About Us

Writing is essential to professional life. Whether you’re a lawyer, nurse, researcher, or social worker, the ability to communicate effectively is invaluable.

At the UMB Writing Center, we meet with faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, students, researchers, and members of Baltimore communities to discuss strategies for writing. Our online and hardcopy guides for writing, library of writing reference materials, digital and in-person workshops, and face-to-face and online consultations support you on the lifelong journey as a scholarly and professional writer.

We know that writing is way more than words on the page or the arrangement of grammatical units. We approach our work with writers with an anti-racist lens. We acknowledge the cultural and linguistic complexity and diversity of professional and academic work today. In response, we see ourselves as collaborators across borders shaped by language, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, mobility, culture, citizenship and nationality, dis/ability, socio-economic status, class, and indigeneity.

We also know that nobody ever writes up a “perfect” draft. The act of writing is about continuously engaging hybrid strategies to communicate and often challenging multiple audiences for specific purposes in particular situations. Writing is therefore always social, negotiated, and contextual—a process that fundamentally resists standardization and attitudes about language “correctness.” 

Your choices as writers matter in our Center. We see you as accomplished, experienced colleagues whose varied writing practices and professional and scholarly expertise guide our service. We look forward to learning and writing with you.