Technical Information

SIMS/Banner is accessible via any major web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Explorer, etc. To login, click on the appropriate link below and use your UMID and password to authenticate your credentials once you have confirmed your SIMS access has been established. Prospective SIMS/Banner users should first refer to the “Getting Started” portion of this site.

SIMS/Banner Production

This is the “live” SIMS/Banner environment. Any changes made in this environment will be immediate and in real-time.

SIMS/Banner Development (“SDEV”)

This is a test environment. Any changes you make to this test environment will not be reflected in the production database. Please pay very close attention to your SIMS/Banner environments. Though the production and development environments are labeled accordingly, the look and feel of the Banner user interface remains quite similar. It can be easy to think you are logged into a test environment when you intended to be logged into a production environment and vice versa. Finally, be aware the Banner development environment is only cloned from the production environment a few times per year at most. This means data in the Banner development environment can be several months old; therefore, you may not be able to find recently created or modified student records.