Getting Started

NOTE: For the purpose of this website and in practice, we frequently refer to the application as “SIMS” and/or “Banner.” Though we use these terms interchangeably, please know we are referring to the same application.

To obtain a SIMS user account, follow these steps in order:

  1. Confirm with your supervisor and the SIMS user access owner (could be the same person) that your job duties require SIMS access. If you need to know the name of your SIMS user access owner, contact the SIMS team.
  2. Click here to watch a brief video on getting started with Banner. This video, which includes audio, is about 14 minutes in length. Since this video was produced by Ellucian, the company that licenses Banner, you will notice the instructor makes references to different versions of Banner as well as a "Banner 9 Guide website." Please disregard these specific references. The primary purpose of this video is to familiarize you with the Banner user interface and provide some basic guidance on navigating the application. After watching the video, please print, sign and submit the Training Certification Form to your SIMS user access owner.
  3. Click here to review the presentation on the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. This presentation provides an overview of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, also known as “FERPA,” upon which federal education funding is conditioned. SIMS access grants users certain privileges to view confidential information regarding students. It’s important to understand how FERPA relates to our student information and to your position at UMB. The last page of the FERPA presentation includes a statement that requires your signature. After printing and signing the acknowledgment page of the presentation, you should submit it to your SIMS user access owner. Questions about FERPA, including specific questions about the release of student information, must be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 410-706-7480 or via email.
  4. The SIMS User Request Form contains several pages, most of which will be completed by your SIMS user access owner; however, there is one page that you will need to print, read and sign. Page 3 of the SIMS User Request Form includes a “SIMS Access Agreement,” which is to be signed by UMB employees and affiliates that are requesting SIMS access. Once signed, submit this page to your SIMS user access owner.
  5. After submitting the signed training certification form, the FERPA acknowledgement form and the “SIMS Access Agreement” to your SIMS user access owner, he/she will complete the remaining paperwork to obtain your SIMS user account. To summarize, you should be submitting three documents to your SIMS user access owner.
  6. Once all of the requisite paperwork is received and processed by the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS), someone will contact you via email with further instructions about accessing SIMS. If you have questions about this process or the status of the request, it’s best to start with your SIMS user access owner. If necessary, he/she will reach out to the SIMS team.