Communications Procedures

Contact Media Relations

Administration, Communications   |   Approved May 31, 2016


Contact Media Relations regarding media relevant support and management.


All University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) faculty, students and staff involved in projects that require media support.

Contacting the media relations office is appropriate in many different instances. If a member of the media contacts you, it is helpful to let the media relations office know so they can help you to decide how to respond (if at all) and facilitate the interaction. The media relations office also can garner media coverage for exciting, newly published research, or a new grant or study. The media relations office can work with scientists and with the Institutional Review Board to help researchers recruit clinical trial subjects in the case of certain studies where media outreach is appropriate. If a faculty member or student is invited by a prominent figure, like the U.S. president, the Maryland governor or a Congressional committee, to attend or speak at an event, or to receive a prominent award, media relations can sometimes produce media coverage for that event. Every idea or opportunity won’t necessarily result in a news release or media coverage, but working with media relations to decide can make sure no opportunities are missed.

Additionally, media outreach can be appropriate if a faculty member is an expert in a given area that is of particular news value at a given point in time. For example, if a prominent study is released about childhood obesity, often reporters are looking for outside experts to comment on the research. Media relations also can assist if a faculty member, staff member or student is interesting in writing an op-ed or letter to the editor for publishing in a news outlet.

See for more information see the Media Relations website.


  1. Review guidance above when an event or issue arises that may prompt Media Relations assistance.
  2. Determine the appropriate Media Relations representative depending on the school as listed on the Media Relations website.
  3. Email or call the representative with your question or idea.
    1. If your idea involves a paper or a new grant, providing the abstract, full text of the paper or grant application can help the media relations office to decide the best approach.
  4. Media Relations will respond promptly and provide guidance or other appropriate services depending on the circumstances.
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