Communications Procedures

Submit Communications Work Request

Administration, Communications   |   Approved May 31, 2016


Request services from Communications & Public Affairs.


All University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) faculty, students and staff can submit requests to the Office of Communications & Public Affairs (OCPA).  They offer a range of services and project assistance including but not limited to print, web, email, and digital needs. OCPA works on a fee basis and projects are billed hourly. A valid UMB chartstring is required before work can begin. 

For more information on OCPA Services see their website.  Other resources such as editorial guides and UMB standards are available in the Communications Toolbox.


  1. Ensure appropriate approvals and valid UMB chartstring for the project.
  2. Complete the Work Request Form.
  3. If you have problems with the form or need additional assistance please contact OCPA’s Marketing Department.


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