Welcome to the Office of Change Management and Advisory Services

The Office of Change Management and Advisory Services (CMAS) is comprised of two departments; Organizational Change Management, and Management Advisory Services, each dedicated to identifying opportunities for improvement and promoting collaboration between central administrative departments and campus schools/departments to assist the university in realizing its mission and employ best business practices. 


Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) works in collaboration with stakeholders across UMB to help end users stay connected with changes and improvements, share best practices, and build connections through communications, training, knowledge sharing, educational workshops, coaching, and resistance management.

Change Management acts as a bridge between designed solutions and benefit realization. Only after employees embrace and adopt the change will an organization truly achieve the successful outcome it desires. Change Management supports individuals through the phases of preparing, managing, and reinforcing change.

Management Advisory Services

Management Advisory Services (MAS) provides assistance and oversight to UMB departments with any audit, compliance, and general fiscal or operational matters. 

We support the University by advising, assisting, and educating the campus community on accountability and compliance effectiveness. By evaluating policies and procedures, internal controls, and business practices, MAS provides reliable and professional services to realize audit improvements and employ a solutions-oriented approach to meet the needs of the University community.