The UMB Maryland Abortion and Reproductive Clinical Health (MARCH) program aims to advance family planning and abortion care in Maryland.

Program Goals

Train Healthcare Professionals

Expand the number and diversity of healthcare professionals with abortion care training by increasing physician and Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) students and practitioners’ access to abortion education. 


Increase Diversity

Increase the racial and ethnic diversity among healthcare professionals with abortion care training, through the expansion of providers to include physician and APC students and practitioners. 


Clinical Support

Support the identification of clinical sites in need of training. 


Expand Access

Expand contraceptive and abortion care access for Maryland residents. 


In short, the MARCH program aims to create a sustainable model for advancing family planning and abortion care statewide by firstly providing targeted education to interested current or future healthcare providers, and secondly supporting the rollout of reproductive services to close gaps in access.

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The UMB MARCH Program is made possible through funding and partnership with the Maryland Department of Health.

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