Veterinary Resources (VR) supports the use of animal models of human biology in translational biomedical research and discovery. With animal research, the similarities and differences among species are leveraged to better understand, diagnose, prevent, and treat human disease.  A collegial sharing of expertise between Veterinary Resources and other essential UMB departments and services (i.e., OAWA, IACUC, EHS, OHS) provides a safe, ethical, humane and legal environment for the advancement of biomedical research.


Veterinary Resources works to ensure that: 

  • UMB researchers have access to critical animal research models
  • Husbandry provisions are at least consistent with, and many times exceed the guidelines in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, Edition 8
  • Training is provided to ensure everyone using animals in research is employing safe, humane, and effective strategies promoting animal well-being
  • Animals are monitored as needed to optimize their well-being
  • Veterinary care is provided on a 24/7 basis
  • Surgical support is provided when requested
  • Veterinary consultations are available for animal use protocol submissions and amendments
  • GLP studies are supported
  • Researchers maintain compliant with IACUC guidelines

Facility Updates 

MSTF Facility Renovations:

November 2023:  The current schedule has Phase 1 ending on or about December 18th contingent on the connection of the sprinklers and the receipt of the new Steam PRV. Phase 2 would start with the ceiling demolition in the new area on or about December 21st.  lease be advised that the new section will be temporarily closed while under construction. If anything changes in timeframes, durations, deliveries, etc., we will provide an update. 

September 2023:  As of September 19th, renovations are underway in the front half of the south corridor. Please be advised that this area is temporarily closed while under construction. The removal of lights and demolition of the ceilings is almost complete. With frequent communication between the renovation team and VR management, Phase 1 is now set to be complete around Thanksgiving. Once it is complete, Phase 2 will be initiated. 

July 2023: There was a significant amount of work that occurred to prepare MSTF for Phase 1. We would like to send a shout out to each of the employees that are assigned to MSTF. Phase 1 is underway. They are beginning to remove lights from the ceilings and the demolition of all of the ceilings are supposed to begin this weekend, July 14th, 2023. We are expecting anywhere between 8 weeks to 6 months for the first phase to be completed.  Milestone updates will be posted as often as they come! 

Accreditation & Memberships 


The University of Maryland, Baltimore has been accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC) since 1983. This allows principal investigators to meet the requirements of category 1 on PHS grant and contract applications, so this accreditation should be recognized in your grant applications that require in vivo research.


The Program of Comparative Medicine maintains membership in the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). This organization provides educational materials, meetings and information for professional development of staff in the specific area of laboratory animal medicine. AALAS also publishes Laboratory Animal Science, an important journal of current developments in husbandry, animal care and health-related research.

Veterinary Resources is a member of, seeks guidance from or is associated with the National Association for Biomedical Research; the Foundation for Biomedical Research; the Scientists Center for Animal Welfare; and Americans for Medical Progress. These organizations act as spokespersons for the biomedical research community and provide education in the use of animals in research and teaching.

All veterinarians in our program are specially trained in the field of laboratory animal medicine.

Timothy Mandrell, Director of Veterinary Medicine
Timothy Mandrell, DVM
Director of Veterinary Medicine

Kelly Hopper, Clinical Veterinarian and Associate Director
Kelly Hopper, DVM, MS
Clinical Veterinarian and
Associate Director

Carey Martin, Business Operations Administrator
Carey Martin, MA, MBA, CRA
Business Operations