• Task Force Focused on Recommendations

    Group is preparing to complete its work after analyzing feedback from UMB employees on issues surrounding workplace flexibility, employee value and experience, and overall employee well-being.

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The Future of Work (FoW) Task Force committees are charged with developing short- and long-term recommendations to leadership related to work flexibility, our employee value proposition (why people want to work here and remain here), and employee well-being.

The task force will have Universitywide representation that is diverse and provides focus through a generational lens. The task force committees also will address other needed resources, including technology, training and development needs, and any other identified resources required to ensure UMB continues to be an employer of choice both now and in the future.

A Human Resources work group will be charged with creating a job needs assessment tool, ensuring policies and practices reflect the recommendations of the task force, and identifying the strategic workforce planning needs of UMB. All task force recommendations will:

  • Align with UMB’s core values
  • Enhance University culture, engagement, and belonging
  • Position the University for ongoing innovation and discovery
  • Be cost-effective and practical


April 2022

FoW Task Force announced by President Bruce E. Jarrell, MD, FACS

June 2022

Executive sponsors, task force co-chairs, and project managers appointed

July 2022

Committee members appointed

August 2022

Committee co-chairs appointed

Task force kickoff meeting

FoW website launched

September 2022

FoW Work Flexibility Committee begins to meet

October 2022

FoW Employee Value Proposition Committee begins to meet

November 2022

FoW Employee Well-Being Committee begins to meet

February 2023

Recommendations presented to senior leadership

April 2023

Public communications regarding findings and recommendations

Spring 2023

Begin operationalizing approved short-term recommendations

2023 - 2027

Operationalize approved long-term recommendations