Facilities Procedures

Request Space

Administration, Facilities   |   Approved September 23, 2015


Request for space including additions, relocations, other space related lssues.


University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) management level employees.


  1. Determine of the amount of new or additional space to be requested, the preferred location, and the justification for the requested space
  2. Ensure proper approvals.
    • If the request originates from one of the schools on campus seek approval of the appropriate dean.
    • If the request originates from an administrative department seek approval from the appropriate Vice President.
  3. Complete the Space Request Form.
  4. Send completed form to the Office of Capital Budget and Planning by one of the following methods:
    • Email
    • Mailing hard copy to Saratoga Building, 220 Arch Street, Room 02-113, Baltimore, MD 21201
    • Fax to (410) 706-0675
  5. The Office of Capital Budget and Planning will respond within five business days.
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