Certify or Approve

Principal Investigator Certification:

PI Certification in KR

When you receive a notification to certify or at any time before the proposal is submitted for review and approvals, you may certify the proposal.

  • Log into Kuali Research
  • Click on the link in the notification email, which will open the certification questions for response
  • OR Search for and open the proposal, then use the left navigation menu to navigate to Key Personnel > Personel
    • Click on the triangle next to your name to open details.
    • Select the Certification Questions tab
  • Respond, then Save
Proposal Approval:

KR Approver Procedure

Log into Kuali Research and open the proposal in View mode once it has been submitted for review

  • Open the Proposal Summary tab
  • If you are the next Approver, Approve and Return buttons will appear in the bottom menu bar
  • Click "Approve" at the bottom of the page OR
  • Click "Return" to return the proposal for revisions and enter a reason for return in the field that pops up
View routing actions/status:
  • Open the proposal in view mode (if you just approved, close and reopen the proposal in view mode)
  • Open the Proposal Actions tab
  • Open the Route Log panel and subpanels to see
    • Actions Taken — Where the proposal has been (who has approved it, so far)
    • Pending Action Requests — Where it is waiting for approval now
    • Future Action Requests — Where it is going (the next approval stops)