Changes to Project or Budget

After an award is made, changes may be needed. Review the award document and sponsor policies to determine whether the proposed change requires sponsor approval or may be approved internally by University officials.

General procedures

Depending upon the type of change proposed, a form, email, or memo may be used to request approval. Some sponsors expect requests to be submitted via an on-line sponsor system.

Internal approvals: Most requests that can be approved internally involve a sponsor form, a UMB form, and/or Kuali Coeus routing. If a form is not available, forward the request to your SPA team via email or signed memo with an explanation or justification for the change and appropriate attachments. The request must be signed by the principal investigator (PI); email messages may be initiated (sent) by the PI in lieu of signature.

UMB forms:

Sponsor approval: Requests submitted to the sponsor should should have signature or electronic approval by an authorized official in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA). SPA may require additional signatures before signing for the University. The sponsor must approve the request in writing. Sponsor approval is normally provided by the sponsor's grant or contract officer, and not by a program official, in the form of a letter, email notification, or award modification.

SPA will process the approved change and share the information with Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance (SPAC). Kuali Research and eUMB Financials will be updated as appropriate for the change approved.

Specific procedures and tips

Scope of Work: A change to the scope of work always requires approval of the sponsor.

Personnel Changes:

  • Submit a request for change of PI through Kuali Research proposal development for electronic signature by the new PI and routine proposal approvals. A change of PI usually requires sponsor approval. The request for change should be acknowledged (signed) by the original PI (if available). Upload the acknowledgement documentation from the original PI as a proposal attachment.
  • Submit a request for change of department through Kuali Research proposal development for approval by the new chair and dean. The original chair should acknowledge the change of department by email or memo, uploaded as a proposal attachment in Kuali Research. Change of department does not require sponsor approval. A new Project will be issued to reflect the change of department, and the old Project(s) will need to be closed out.
  • For federal grants, agency approval is required:
    • If key personnel will withdraw from the project entirely.
    • If PI will disengage from the project for three months or more.
    • If PI will reduce effort on the project by more than 25% of the committed effort. The committed effort is the effort promised in the proposal, unless the agency has subsequently approved a new level of effort for that individual.
    • NIH NOT-OD-18-172:  Clarification of NIH's Policy Regarding a Change in Program Director's/Principal Investigator's Status
  • Faculty transfer to a new institution

Period of Performance: Guidance for no-cost extensions

Budget: Guidance for budget modifications