NIH Multi-project Proposals

For multi-project proposals being submitted Sept. 25, 2013, and beyond, UMB will use the NIH ASSIST program for proposal development and submission.

Enter and submit the proposal for approval in Kuali Coeus using the same process as for Adobe Forms submissions. ASSIST should be used to submit the following NIH mechanisms: P01, P20, P50, U19.


Webinar: Using ASSIST to Prepare and Submit Multi-Project Applications to NIH — Highly recommended for anyone who will be preparing and submitting an NIH multi-project proposal. Slides and recording are available.

SPA Information Session on ASSIST

Logging Into ASSIST — Log in using your eRA Commons User ID and Password

SF424 R&R Application Guide, Version C Forms — Includes a section about multi-project proposals

Demo System Access Instructions

ASSIST Online Help

Electronic Grants — Multi-Project Applications from NIH OER Grants & Funding Website

ASSIST FAQ from NIH Website

Annotated Form Set — Contains notes about the SF424 R&R forms as it relates to multiproject proposals

NIH Commons Help Desk

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