Kuali Coeus at UMB

Kuali Coeus Training

Proposal Approvers

Proposal approval in Kuali Coeus. Please review this brief (less than 5 minutes) tutorial!

  • Approvals and Rejections: We hope you will not need to reject a proposal. But if you do need to "reject", go to the Proposal Actions tab, scroll down and use the "reject" button at the bottom of that page. Then you will be asked to enter a comment (reason for rejection).

New Users - Proposal Development

New Users training classes focus on proposal data entry, uploading documents, budget creation, data validation, and submitting the proposal for approvals.

Enterprise Training EnrollmentAt this time only users new to proposal development (i.e. new employees) are permitted to attend these courses. The Proposal Details module is a prerequisite for the Budget module. Future classes will be added as scheduled.

From Coeus to Kuali Coeus

This 25 minute video captures the highlights of the information presentations made in June/July 2014 to Coeus users. Focusing on the Proposal Development module, we point out some differences -- in "look and feel" and in functionality -- between Coeus and Kuali Coeus.

Looking Ahead

User resources (checklists, how-tos) are in development and are being posted to Kuali Coeus User Resources and Help.

New User UPK training classes will be opened to current Coeus/Kuali Coeus users at a future date.

Award Viewer training in is the planning stages.