Kuali Coeus at UMB

Kuali Coeus Comes to UMB

Something new is brewing on the Coeus front!cup of coffee

UMB is transitioning from our current Coeus system to Kuali Coeus for our electronic research administration needs. We anticipate that the transition will be completed during FY 2014.

What is Kuali Coeus?

  • the next evolution of electronic research administration. It uses the proven Coeus platform as its baseline design.
  • developed by universities, for universities
  • web-based and can be used on any computer connected to the internet

Why make this change now?

  • Kuali Coeus will allow UMB to stay on the cutting edge of electronic grant submission. It continues to be supported for changes in federal system-to-system grant submissions. Coeus support is being phased out and will terminate next year.
  • Kuali Coeus removes technical barriers for use, because no software (e.g., Java) is downloaded to the computer.

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