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Policies and available FOAs — Review the NIH FOA (Funding Opportunity Announcement) for specific instructions related to your proposal. All applications proposing clinical trials must be submitted through an FOA designated specifically for clinical trials.

Instructions for letters of reference — Required for K01, some K07s, K08, K18, K22, K23, K25, K99/R00. See FOA.

SPECIAL NOTE: Do not attach any internal attachment on the Attachments tab for a K-series proposal. This is a known bug. Omit/remove any "Internal Attachment" on the Attachments tab.

Required attachments

Upload Required Attachments under Proposal Attachments,
except Biosketches are uploaded under Personnel Attachments:

Biosketch for PI (Candidate), Mentor (if applicable), and all senior/key personnel and Other Significant Contributors — blank form, instructions and samples

Candidate Information and GoalsPHSCareer_CandidateInformationAndGoals

Training in the Responsible Conduct of ResearchPHS_Career_Training_Resp_Conduct_Research

Description of Institutional EnvironmentPHS_Career_Inst_Environment

Institutional Commitment to Candidate’s Research Career DevelopmentPHS_Career_Inst_Commitment

Project Summary/AbstractProject_Summary

Project NarrativeNarrative

Bibliography & References CitedBibliography — required unless otherwise noted in the FOA

Facilities & Other ResourcesFacilities — required unless otherwise noted in the FOA


Budget JustificationBudget_Justification

Specific AimsPHS_Career_SpecificAims

Research StrategyPHS_Career_ResearchStrategy

Required (if applicable) attachments

Upload under Proposal Attachments
except Current and Pending Support is uploaded under Personnel Attachments

See NIH application guide for details on applicability

Cover LetterRRSF424_Cover_Letter: include application title and Funding Opportunity (PA or RFA) title of the NIH initiative. Follow the NIH application guide and FOA instructions.

  • Required for Mentored Career Development applications — provide list of Referees (including name, departmental affiliation, and institution)
  • Encouraged but not required for non-mentored Career Development applications. The cover letter should include a list of referees (including name, departmental affiliation, and institution).
  • Required for LATE applications or for changed/corrected applications submitted after the due date — include specific information about the timing and nature of the cause of the delay. Related NIH policy information
  • Required to explain any subaward budget components that are not active for all periods of the proposed grant
  • Required to certify that a required approval of the application is included, such as approval for applications $500,000 or more. Include the official communication from an NIH official as part of your cover letter PDF
  • Required when intending to submit a video as part of the application; the cover letter must include information about the intent to submit it. See section on "non-traditional application materials"
  • Required if proposed studies will generate large-scale human or non-human genomic data
  • DO NOT include assignment request information; all such requests MUST be transmitted using the Assignment Request Form (optional form)

Current and Pending Support — required for Mentored Career Development applications, provide for the Mentor and Co-Mentors only. See FOA and NIH application guide for instructions

Candidate’s Plan to Provide MentoringPHS_Career_Mentoring_Plan — Include only when required by the specific FOA, e.g., K24 and K05)

Plans and Statements of Mentor and Co-Mentor(s)PHS_Career_Mentor_Statements_Letters — required for Mentored Career Development applications; see FOA and NIH application guide for instructions

Consortium/Contractual Arrangements — PHS_Career_Consortium_Contract — required for applications that include a subrecipient

Letters of Support from Collaborators, Contributors and ConsultantsPHS_Career_SupportLtrs — May be required by FOA for all collaborators and/or consultants to confirm their participation in the project and describe their specific roles. Required for consultants: include rate/charge for consulting services and level of effort/number of hours per year anticipated. Include other letters as appropriate, e.g., assurances of access to core facilities and resources.

Vertebrate AnimalsPHS_Career_VertebrateAnimals — required if vertebrate animals are involved

Select Agent ResearchPHS_Career_SelectAgentResearch — required if applicable

Resource Sharing Plan(s)PHS_Career_Resource_Sharing_Plan — required if applicable

Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources — PHSCareer_KeyBioAndOrChemResources — required if applicable

Introduction to Application — PHS_Career_IntroductionToApplication — required for RESUBMISSIONS only (an A1 application submitted within 37 months after the original submission)

Progress Report Publication List — PHS_Career_ProgressReport_PubList — required for RENEWAL applications only. “Renewal” applications are accepted only for a few K programs; check the specific FOA to determine whether Renewals are accepted.

Optional attachments

Upload this optional attachment under Proposal Attachments when appropriate:

AppendixPHS_Career_Appendix – maximum of 10 PDF attachments; follow NIH and FOA instructions on what may and may not be included.

NOT-OD-17-098:  Updated Appendix Policy Eliminates Clinical Trial-Related Materials for NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Applications Submitted to Due Dates on or After January 25, 2018

When needed, upload this optional attachment as a User attached form (attach on S2S tab under S2s User Attached Forms):

PHS Assignment Request Form‌ – may be used to communicate specific application assignment and review requests. Is not provided to program staff or reviewers.