Exit Counseling

Federal regulations indicate that any student who has received a federal loan while in attendance at UMB must complete exit counseling. 

You must attend the scheduled exit interview for your school/program. The exit interview lasts for approximately one hour. Please complete and bring the following document(s) to your exit counseling session:

  1. Student Loan Exit Interview Updated Borrower Information Sheet. Bring two completed copies to one of the scheduled exit counseling sessions for your school/academic program. Please do note:
    • Parental information is required of ALL students, regardless of age or dependency status. Should your parents be deceased, you must indicate this in the parental section of the form.
    • Two additional references are required. These references must have different addresses than yourself, your parents and each other.
  2. If you have borrowed from the Federal Direct Loan program as a UMB student, you also must complete the Federal Direct Loan Exit Interview by clicking here. Please print and bring a copy of your confirmation page to one of the exit counseling sessions scheduled for your school/academic program.

If you have questions regarding this requirement, please contact us at 410-706-7347 or email your financial aid counselor.

2018 Exit Counseling Schedule 
Academic ProgramDateTimeLocation
Medicine Tuesday, April 3 Noon TBA
  Wednesday, April 4 Noon TBA
Dentistry Monday, April 9 Noon Dental School - G205
Dental Hygiene Wednesday, April 11 Noon DHYG Room - G307
Social Work Monday, April 10 Noon School of Social Work Auditorium
  Monday, April 10 5 p.m. School of Social Work Auditorium
Law Wednesday, April 4 Noon Carey School of Law - Room 107
  Wednesday, April 4 5 p.m. Carey School of Law - Room 107
  Thursday, April 5 Noon Carey School of Law - Room 460
  Thursday, April 5 5 p.m. Carey School of Law - Room 460
Med Tech Tuesday, April 3 Noon AHPB - Room 319
Nursing Monday, April 2 Noon School of Nursing - Room 730
  Tuesday, April 10 5 p.m. School of Nursing - Room 150
Physical Therapy Tuesday, April 10 5 p.m. AHB - Room 219
  Thursday, April 12 Noon AHB Room 219
Pharm D Thursday, April 26 5 p.m. School of Pharmacy