October 2020

October 30, 2020  |  Experts from the University of Maryland School of Medicine answer any and all questions about COVID-19 and how to stay safe in the holiday season.

October 30, 2020  |  Hospitalized patients who were taking daily aspirin had lower risk of ICU admission, ventilation, and dying from the virus.

October 28, 2020  |  Baltimore Business Journal Recognizes Kirschling, Eddington, and Sera

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October 28, 2020  |  Children’s Bureau provides funding for establishing a National Quality Improvement Center to improve well-being of families with children in foster care

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October 26, 2020  |  UMB partners with Comcast to sponsor one year of internet connectivity for up to 1,000 families from 14 partner schools in West Baltimore.

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October 26, 2020  |  The Center for Global Engagement hosts an engaging discussion about the Black experience at UMB as part of the “Human Rights at Home” series.

October 23, 2020  |  Poet, writer, and teacher Clint Smith, PhD, offers a fresh look at today's America with an examination of racism through our history.

October 23, 2020  |  UMB Diversity Advisory Council affinity group details pandemic’s disproportionate impact on Hispanics and other under-represented populations.

October 23, 2020  |  Leaders from Lexington Market developer Seawall answer any and all questions about the new Lexington Market.

October 20, 2020  |  Matching grants through Maryland Department of Commerce help to recruit and retain research faculty.

October 19, 2020  |  UMB's Entrepreneur of the Year is a pioneer in the use of drones to deliver transplant organs.

October 16, 2020  |  Launched in May, the Academy of Lifelong Learning provides direct access to top UMB experts on a wide variety of subjects.

October 14, 2020  |  During UMB Researcher of the Year Presentation, Jay Magaziner, PhD, MSHyg, emphasizes there is still much study to be done regarding hip fractures and recovery.

October 11, 2020  |  “A Night of Stars” features philanthropy, food and cocktail demonstrations, singing performances, and gratitude for UMB’s efforts to fight COVID-19.

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October 11, 2020  |  CURE celebrates its fifth anniversary with its White Coat Ceremony, welcoming 26 new sixth-grade students to the program.

October 9, 2020  |  On the Oct. 8 edition of "Virtual Face to Face with Dr. Bruce Jarrell," three UMB experts discuss the state of the pandemic, upcoming developments, and the impact on UMB.

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October 7, 2020  |  Face to Face: The Killing of Breonna Taylor

October 6, 2020  |  $2.3 million award targeted for "High-Risk, High-Reward" research that aims to understand contribution of blood flow to brain plasticity.

October 2, 2020  |  The magazine touts online, “Meet the People We're Counting on for a COVID-19 Vaccine.” You may have met them before. They are researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.