Planning International Research

Working on International Projects and with International Collaborators

Unique challenges come with international sponsored projects and working with international collaborators.

  • High-risk environments, such as in a low-resource setting or conflict zone, may require specialized support to successfully implement the sponsored project and effectively manage institutional risk.
  • For international collaborators receiving subawards from UMB, Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) reviews and approves each proposed international subaward and may stipulate, as part of the approval, that the UMB department undertake special risk-management actions.
  • For data sharing, transfer, and use that is compliant with UMB and sponsor policies, SPA develops data transfer and use agreements with our collaborators.

Let us help!

Need to talk to someone about planning an international research project?

For information about UMB activity in your country of interest: See the UMB Global Footprint or contact the Center for Global Engagement at

For help and guidance around budgeting for your international project: Contact the International Operations team at and review SPA's guidance on budgeting for travel.

For assistance as you develop your proposal and need to account for safety, security, and other operational needs: Contact International Operations at

For other questions about planning sponsored projects or data transfers that involve international collaborators and international research, training, or service outside the US: Call the team in SPA at +1-410-706-6723.

If the project involves international subrecipients: Peruse SPA's website on Planning and Managing Subawards to non-US Organization.

For general information and resources: Check out SPA's resources on International Collaborations in the UMB Investigator Toolkit.