Are you off to do research in Botswana? A program exchange in Japan? Train faculty in Bolivia? Here are resources to help you with leasing space, finding accommodations for students, hiring local employees, creating a virtual course, and conducting other administrative activities outside the United States.

Ready to go? Find what you need below.

International Finance & Procurement

Money, money, money! We can help if you need to pay or get paid by an organization or individual outside the US, procure something from another country, open a bank account in another country, and more.

International Human Resources

Guidance on UMB personnel working in or from another country, hiring local employees, foreign and domestic immigration and tax implications, and more.

International Program Safety & Security

Guidance on safety and security for UMB personnel who will be working or traveling outside the US and for departments, centers, and institutes to conduct international activities in ways that fulfill UMB's commitment to international safety and security.

Global Collaborations and Partnerships

Guidance on setting up a new collaboration or partnership internationally - everything from creating education, research, and service opportunities to organizing an international conference.

International MoUs

A roadmap and assistance with the process of setting up an MoU between UMB and an international entity for collaborations such as student and faculty exchanges, joint conferences, and/or service activities. 

Academic Experiences Abroad

Assisting faculty with creating academic experiences abroad, including international student trips, research, collaborations, and more.

International IT

IT tips and tools to help you before you travel, while you are in another country, and after you return to the US, as well as help addressing specialized international location IT needs.

Setting Up a New International Presence

Assistance with navigating the intricacies of setting up shop in a new international location, from registering to do business in another country to setting up an office.

Reporting: International Ethics Violations & Security Incidents

How to report a concern if you have experienced or witnessed a violation of, or suspect someone has violated, the UMB Code of Ethics, Core Values, Policies or Procedures, or a local or international law.

Planning International Research

Guidance on budgeting, safety and security, and other operational planning related to sponsor-funded research, training, and service taking place outside the US.

Export Compliance

Need to get things, information, or services out of the country? Here's more information on complying with the US Export and Sanction Regulations.