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Who can help me with visa requirements for my UMB international work? 

Are you coming to the US for UMB-related work and you're not a US citizen or permanent resident? The Office of International Services is here to help! Check out our website for International Students, Scholars, and Employees or contact us at +1-410-706-7488 or

Are you heading to a country outside the US for UMB-related work in a location where you are not a citizen or permanent resident? International Operations is here to help! Contact us at and share with us your plans:

  • In what location(s) outside the US will you be spending time on UMB-related work?
  • How much time will you spend in that foreign location for UMB-related work?
  • Is this work funded by a sponsored project? If so, what is the name of the project, the duration, and the source of funds?

Also, check out whether UMB and/or its affiliate MGIC already have a presence at your intended destination - International Operations will let you know if we can provide on-the-ground support for your needs.

How do I hire someone who will be based outside the US (working remotely or in the candidate’s country of residence)? 

UMB is working on a Policy on Workers Based Outside of the United States. This policy will address employment agreements for faculty and staff who perform their overall duties and responsibilities outside the US.

UMB has authorized the use of its affiliate, the Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation (MGIC), to employ individuals where there is an active business registration. Check out the MGIC website to see the countries where it is registered. MGIC has also contracted organizations, such as an Employer of Record (EOR), to engage international staff outside the US or country office.

Contact for advice and guidance on the applicable policies and procedures.

What UMB allowances and benefits can I offer an international hire? 

Are you hiring a faculty/staff member based outside their country of residence and not in the US?

Please see above and refer to the forthcoming Policy on Workers Based Outside of the United States.

Are you hiring or planning to hire a faculty/staff member moving to the US?

If so, International Operations can help you develop a budget for moving/relocation allowances or services in line with US government rules and regulations. Please note that the following parameters:

  • Size of family/number of dependents
  • Primary location of residence (outside of the US)

How do I hire someone who will work for UMB outside the US?  

How do I get started?

  • Reach out to your HR representative to discuss the business needs and requirements. Is this a long-term or short-term position?
  • When you have a clear scope of work, set up a meeting with your HR representative and International Operations to understand the different hiring mechanisms (UMB vs. MGIC).
  • Consider posting the job advertisements in internationally focused and country-focused forums.

When is the right time to consider visas, benefits, and tax implications? What must I keep in mind?

In most circumstances, UMB and/or MGIC will have to sponsor and support the hire’s visa. Depending on the hire’s nationality and travel history, these processes can take time and be very complex.

Benefits and taxation will vary and primarily be determined by the labor law in the destination country. Compliance with these requirements is a key priority for UMB, and International Operations will help you proactively engage local legal counsel to obtain the best advice possible. 

Does UMB have a Policy on International Allowances for personnel assigned to a location outside the US? 

Please consult us as soon as you're considering assigning UMB personnel to a location outside the US!

UMB does not have a university-wide policy on international allowances and benefits, but we have draft guidelines to share. We can also help ensure the international allowances and benefits package you offer ("the package") adheres to certain general principles and international best practices.

  • Does the employment arrangement fit the usual definition of an international assignment, whereby you are assuming that the person will be relocated to take on the international assignment and will, upon its conclusion, be repatriated or otherwise relocated back to their home of record? If not, you should obtain the approval of your Dean or Dean's designee.
  • Does the package reflect UMB's core value Equity and Justice? Are international assignees treated equitably, regardless of nationality or citizenship? 
  • Have you adequately budgeted for the package?
  • Have you planned for a pathway to nationalize the international position in line with principles of localization and the most common requirements of a foreign government for visa sponsorship?

Who can help me with the confusing tax implications of my working for UMB outside the US?  

International tax compliance is a key priority for UMB, and we need everyone's help!

If you are working outside of the US on UMB business, here is what you need to do:

  • Ask your HR representative to assist you in getting a copy of your pay stub, and with HR and International Operations, make sure you understand the taxes and deductions that go along with it. 
  • Seek professional tax counsel in your country of residence as well as the country of work, and possibly the country of employment.
  • Keep copies of your tax payments.