Setting Up a New International Presence

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Need to talk to someone about starting international operations in a new geography? Email us at

In the meantime, check out where UMB already has an operational presence in the form of MGIC Country Offices.


Who can open an office, hire staff or casual labor, open a bank account, or acquire a vehicle in a country outside the US? 

UMB personnel and UMB itself cannot do this directly, but MGIC can facilitate these activities. 

UMB representatives, departments, centers, and institutes may not open offices outside the US or register independent international entities. However, UMB may request that MGIC establish a new country office to meet UMB's research and programming requirements.

How long does it take to set up a new international presence? 

The timeline to register a new office outside the US depends on several factors, including the requirements of that country's government. Unless MGIC is already established in that country, please engage International Operations early on in your planning process.

Here are the steps in the process:

  1. Reach out to International Operations via as soon as possible to determine feasibility and timelines.
  2. Prepare a proposal to engage MGIC in carrying out your project/program in collaboration with International Operations.
  3. Submit the proposal to your dean for approval.
  4. In collaboration with International Operations, present the approved proposal to the MGIC Board of Directors.
  5. International Operations and MGIC leadership will conduct an assessment, draw up a new presence plan, and present the plan to the MGIC Board.
  6. If approved, MGIC will arrange legal registration in the country. You will be asked to provide certain information about your planned activities as part of this process.
  7. Work closely with the start-up lead, who is appointed by the MGIC President to establish an operational presence in that country.