URecFit and Wellness Updates Surrounding COVID-19

Updated - 5/25/21

URecFit and Wellness is excited to announce we will re-open to current UMB students and UMB graduates of Dec. 2019 through May 2021 on June 1st.  Graduates must submit a form if they wish to activate their free alumni membership.  If COVID-19 metrics continue to improve and capacity allows, we anticipate re-opening to other eligible members on July 1.  We look forward to welcoming you back. 

We are fully committed to the health, well-being and safety of all our students, faculty, staff and all members who work or visit the facility.  Since our closure, we have made significant changes and developed new procedures to create a safe environment. Our re-opening guidelines can be found here.

We have been approved to hire UMB students to work on campus.  Please submit an application if you are interested in working for URecFit and Wellness.

Please visit our Virtual URecFit and Wellness website to learn of all the services and programming available to you.  Also, if you have any suggestions for virtual programs and services please complete this form.

If you have any questions please email us?

Phased return on June 1 (update 4/22/21)

URecFit & Wellness will begin the phased return per the Return to Campus Plan on June 1. Additional information regarding the phased return, schedule, and health safety precautions will be communicated on May 10.  Updates and information will be posted here, on our social media platforms and the Campus Life Weekly newsletter.

Please visit our Virtual URecFit and Wellness website to learn of all the services and programming available to you.  Also, if you have any suggestions for virtual programs and services please complete this form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at urecfit@umaryland.edu.

Spring Re-Opening Date is To Be Determined (update 1/4/21)

At this time, there is no confirmed spring re-opening date for URecFit and Wellness.  In planning for a Spring 2021 reopening, URecFit and Wellness will continue to follow the guidelines set forth in the UMB Recovery Planning Framework.  Please reference the letter, Tuition and Fees for Spring 2021 Semester, from Dr. Flavius Lilly, Vice Provost, Academic & Student Affairs, for information regarding tuition and fees for the spring 2021 semester.

We will communicate updates regarding a Spring 2021 timeline for reopening, modifications to services, and safety measures via the URecFit and the SMC Campus Center websites, social media platforms, and the Campus Life Weekly newsletter.

Please visit our Virtual URecFit and Wellness website to learn of all the services and programming available to you.  Also, if you have any suggestions for virtual programs and services please complete this form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at urecfit@umaryland.edu.

URecFit facility closed for fall term (updated 10/9/20)

It was the university’s intention to open University Recreation and Fitness (URecFit) facilities this fall, however, after gathering input from infectious disease experts and the Co-Curricular Focus Area, it has been decided to keep URecFit closed for the fall term.  You can read the letter from Dr. Flavius Lilly, Vice Provost, Academic & Student Affairs here.

Membership and Locker Announcements (updated 9/4/20)

  • Members will not be charged their membership fee or lose days. 
  • All payroll deduction memberships will be placed on hold/suspended effective with the 20-20 pay period (3/15/20 – 3/28/20) with a paycheck date of 4/3/20.  Deductions will not restart once URecFit reopens. A form will be sent to all Payroll Deduction members prior to reopening to opt back in to deductions and restart membership. Payroll deduction members will not be charged for half of a pay period, only the next full pay period. 
  • All paid members will have the option to request a refund or have their membership extended for the days cancelled due to the COVID-19 closure. If you wish to have your membership extended please stop by the URecFit Business Desk when the facility reopens.
  • UMB Alumni who graduated will have a complimentary membership for one year from time of graduation. Those effected by the COVID-19 closure will be eligible for a prorated membership when re-opening occurs. 
  • Lockers are not accessible while the Campus Center is closed to the public. However, if you left items in your locker and would like to retrieve the items please email URecFit to discuss options for locker access.

Program and Event Cancellations (updated 3/25/20)

Soccer Skills Competition (3/24/20)

Death Cafe' (3/26/20)

Walking with Lexi (4/2 and 5/7)

Mental First Aid (4/6/20)

Put an End to Distracted Driving (4/6/20)

Public Health Research Day at Maryland (4/7/20)

Wellness Fair (4/7/20)

A Firsthand Look:  Navigating the Healthcare System as a Transgender Patient (4/8/20)

Hands-only CPR (4/9/20)

Puppy Love (4/14/20)

IM Basketball Playoffs (postponed - dates TBD)

IM Soccer at Myers Soccer Pavilion (all games cancelled)

IM Kickball at Solo Gibbs Park (all games cancelled)

IM Innertube Water Polo (all games cancelled)

Blended Learning First Aid/CPR/AED (all classes cancelled)

Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED (all classes cancelled)

URecFit - COVID-19 Closure Announcement (updated 3/14/20)

Due to UMB’s Recommendations and Policies Regarding COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Telework Policy, URecFit will be closed beginning Saturday, March 14 and we will remain closed until additional guidance has been provided by the University. 

URecFit - COVID-19 Step 1 (updated 3/11/20)

You all have received emails from UMB officials regarding continued preparation and response to COVID-19 (known as coronavirus). If not please be sure to reference the coronavirus information provided by University leadership on the UMB home page.  URecFit wants to assure you that URecFit is taking the necessary steps to prevent germs from spreading and support and enhance social distancing. The safety of our students, members and staff are our top priority.

Please take a moment to review updates to URecFit services and programming while the University is in Step 1 of the guidance regarding COVID-19.

 Effective Thursday, March 12 until further notice (as updates are communicated out by UMB leadership):

  • No guest passes will be offered.  Students and URecFit members will not be allowed to bring a guest to URecFit.
  • No new sponsored memberships will be sold.
  • Group exercise class registrations (number of people allowed into a class) will be reduced to assist with social distancing.  Some class times may also be adjusted to allow for patrons to wipe equipment down and be adequately disinfected between uses.
  • Until further notice, staff will not be handling ID's at the 4th floor check-in desk. Students and members with barcoded IDs (i.e., OneCards, URecFit Membership cards, etc.) will check themselves in using the bar code scanner. All other members must show their ID (i.e., hospital ID, license, etc.) so that staff can type your name to check you in.
  • The $20 early cancellation fee for memberships will be waived during Step 1 or Step 2.
  • If you are feeling unwell, please avoid coming to URecFit.  Cancellation fees for personal training sessions and swim lessons within the 24 hour window will be waived.
  • Some programs, events or facility reservations may be cancelled.  All attendees, instructors, speakers, and vendors will be notified. Facility reservation cancellations will be communicated directly to the individual who submitted the facility request.  If you have questions whether a specific event or program has been cancelled please email URecFit.

Additional pertinent information:

  • Additional cleaning shifts have been created to ensure equipment is frequently being wiped down and sanitized.
  • Please limit all sharing of equipment and please utilize social distancing.  Some examples are: do not share equipment while exercising without cleaning it between uses, use every other bike in the cycling room, do not pass equipment back and forth.
  • Additional cleaning stations will be placed out.
  • Friendly reminders on social distancing and stopping the spread of germs have been placed throughout the facility.
  • We ask for your help in continuing to wipe off your equipment before and after use, avoid recreational facilities if you are unwell, and continue to follow good hygiene practices.
  • We strongly encourage all students and members currently utilizing locker service (day or long term) to retrieve all items. 

Each day brings us new information and we will continue to modify services and programs as advised.  All relevant updates will be posted on our website.  If you have any questions or concerns please email URecFit.



Please refer to UMB's COVID-19 FAQ webpage for any frequently asked questions you may have regarding URecFit and Wellness.  You can use the filter provided on the COVID-19 FAQ site to narrow the results.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for please email URecFit and Wellness.