Inclusive Recreation

Inclusive Recreation

URecFit and Wellness celebrates the many faces, cultures, abilities, and identities of our diverse and exciting campus. We provide a diverse and intentional recreation program in a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment which enhances the social, physical, and personal well-being of the University Community and its affiliates. We are dedicated to inclusive programs, services, and facilities through our commitment to development, student success, well-being, community, and fun. Join us in supporting these efforts by choosing to rec responsibly.

What does it mean to rec responsibly? 

  • To utilize URecFit and Wellness resources to better one’s personal health and well-being
  • To be proactive about safety and manage risk
  • To treat yourself, others, and the space you are utilizing with the utmost respect and consideration
  • To create a welcoming, inclusive, and fun atmosphere for all

Campus Center and URecFit and Wellness Accessibility 

  • The Campus Center and URecFit and Wellness have features inside and around the building.
  • In URecFit and Wellness, you can ask our helpful staff for assistance, and they can provide the necessary information and also give a guided tour to see what is available.
  • All gender shower rooms are in URecFit and wellness, they provide a toilet, sink, and shower to accommodate members who desire additional privacy and are wheelchair accessible.
  • A lactation space is located on the third floor of the campus center located at Lactation Center

Adaptive Recreation 

  • Intramural and Competitive Sports
    • Intramural Sports offers a gaming area that can used any time. Equipment and controllers are available at the front desk for check out. Check out the IM website for inclusive recreation opportunities
    • Equipment rentals are free for all students, they include cornhole, connect 4, Jenga, and ladder ball which can be played inclusively by all
  • Fitness
    • Our wide variety of fitness programs provide an encouraging and social atmosphere to encourage all to be their best selves and to provide a social atmosphere that is welcoming and fun!
    • Our personal trainers can provide individualized programs for members with specific needs
    • URecFit and Wellness has several pieces of fitness equipment that provide greater levels of accessibility and can be used by individuals of varying levels of ability.
      • Matrix Cable Crossovers
      • Smith Machine
      • SciFit Arm Ergometer
      • Marpo Rope Trainer
    • Group Exercise provides a great social environment for varying levels of ability. Instructors can provide adaptive recommendations during the class to include all participants
    • All fitness programs are open to everyone. Our certified trainers and instructors can adapt their program to best fit all participants
  • Aquatics Adaptive Recreation
    • The pool depth ranges from 3.5 feet to 5 feet and is kept between 78 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Our pool has a zero depth entry ramp, which provides an easy entry point for all of our participants and we also have a water wheelchair
    • Our hydro therapy jets are great for all participants to come and relax or ease aching muscles.
  • Wellness
    • Wellness programming includes, individual wellness consultations, healthy habit challenges, meditation and much more.
    • With a focus on holistic health our wellness programs provide an inclusive environment for all students and brings a focus to stress management, mental health, and drug and alcohol awareness.
    • Dimensions of wellness for everyone
      • Physical
      • Spiritual and ethical
      • Social
      • Emotional
      • Cultural
      • Intellectual
      • Financial
      • Environmental

Inclusive Fitness Equipment 

Inclusive Fitness Equipment
  • Therabands
  • Matrix Cable Crossovers with many attachments
  • SciFit Arm Ergometer
  • Medicine balls with handles
  • Cardio track in Pratt Gym with ADA accessible elevator

Adaptive/Inclusive Tour of URecFit and Wellness 

Are you interested in learning more about URecFit and Wellness? 

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