• 10-Minute COVID-19 Test Under Review

    UMSOM study finds are promising in new study that could reveal COVID-19 results using a rapid 10-minute test.

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  • COVID-19 Stem Cell Treatment

    University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) has begun testing an experimental stem cell therapy to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

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  • UMB's COVID-19 Coping Kit

    As we navigate the uncertainty of the evolving impact of the novel coronavirus, Launch Your Life offers free tools to help ease your mind and encourage your well-being during these tough times. Visit UMB's COVID-19 Coping Kit to learn more.

  • UMSOM Talks Trials On GMA

    Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health, and School of Medicine student David Rach appear on Good Morning America to talk about COVID-19 vaccine trials at UMSOM. Watch the video.


  • Creative Counsel

    The Council for the Arts & Culture’s Artists’ Alliance finds an opportunity to provide a creative space during COVID-19.

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  • Feeding the Front Lines

    Donate today to provide free meals for essential UMB workers while supporting local businesses.

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  • 3D Printer 'Ear' To Save The Day

    UMB emerging technologies librarian Brian Zelip is becoming a 3D-printing force, creating more than 700 ear savers and other personal protective equpiment components for front-line hospital employees.

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  • ALEI Guiding Farmers Through COVID-19

    Thanks to the Agriculture Law Education Initiative of the MPowering the State partnership, farmers gain information on how to navigate new laws and regulations passed during the COVID-19 crisis 

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  • Becoming A Dentist In A Pandemic

    School of Dentistry students Dan Yang, LaShonda Shepherd, and Ben Horn detail their experiences of dental school during the COVID-19 crisis for the American Dental Association.

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  • Cheers For Clayborne

    Family and co-workers applaud Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, adjunct assistant professor of emergency medicine at the School of Medicine, for her final shift before maternity leave. She works at UM Prince George's Hospital Center. Watch the video on YouTube and read her column in The Baltimore Sun.


  • Safe Zooming in Quarantine Times

    The University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security highlights privacy and cybersecurity issues to be aware of while using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

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  • Telework-Life Balance Comes Into Focus

    UMB Human Resource Services is helping to guide employees in a daunting work environment.

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  • Testing Possible Therapy to Prevent COVID-19

    School of Medicine researchers are testing hydroxychloroquine as a therapy to prevent COVID-19 infection in healthy individuals.

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  • Virtual Fitness Becomes Reality at UMB

    URecFit free online group workouts provide at-home options for the University community to stay fit with no membership required.

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  • School of Medicine Partners With Sinclair Broadcast

    University of Maryland School of Medicine experts to answer COVID-19 questions on Sinclair Broadcast television stations.

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  • UMB cares: Virtual Thank You Cards Video

    Answering a call for homemade thank you cards, members of the community sent in virtual notes of appreciation for our front-line heroes.

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    The campaign continues. Learn how to participate.

  • USM Covid Research & Innovation Task Force

    UMB Interim President Bruce Jarrell, MD, FACS, and University of Maryland Vice President for Research Laurie Locascio, PhD, MSc, will serve on a new University System of Maryland task force addressing the pandemic.

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  • Thank You, Baltimore

    UMB’s community COVID-19 response features prominently in a “Thank You, Baltimore” video produced by the Downtown Partnership. Keep your eyes open for shots of Food for Our Front Lines and the joint UMB-UMMC blood drive.


  • Please Take Our Communications Survey

    Please take a moment to complete the short survey so that UMB's communications team can assess its methods of delivering important information or guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic or other Universitywide issues.

  • Can an Oral Polio Vaccine Stop COVID-19?

    Robert Gallo, MD, appeared on Amanpour & Co. on PBS and CNN International for an exclusive interview answering the question: Can an oral polio vaccine help stop the coronavirus?

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  • UMSOM Launches COVID-19 Testing Plan

    The University of Maryland School of Medicine recently announced the launch of a large-scale COVID-19 testing initiative that will significantly expand testing capability.

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  • UMSON Campaign Sews Masks, Sows Hope

    In the last few weeks, the School of Nursing has collected more than 3,000 cloth face masks from across the country that are being provided to patients, visitors, and staff working in non-direct patient care. 

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  • Questions Answered At Student Town Hall

    Panel of UMB leaders faces a wide array of questions, from commencement to parking to support for graduates.

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  • UMB and UMMC Blood Drive Sees Positive Turnout

    The successful drive helped reduce a severe blood shortage during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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  • Clinical Placements Adapt to COVID-19 Crisis

    Students must adapt to a changing educational landscape, out of in-person clinical settings and into the virtual world.

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  • Website Supports Pediatric Health Care Providers

    Resource brings together important research, professional guidance for pediatric practices, and practical tips for parents and caregivers.

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The health of the UMB community is our top priority.

This website is intended to provide our students, faculty, staff, and visitors with the latest information about the outbreak, measures implemented to reduce its spread, and the impact on travel and other activities. UMB officials are actively monitoring the situation and will make every effort, working in conjunction with federal, state, and local health authorities, to provide information and implement policies intended to ensure the continued health and safety of our community.

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Impact Summary

Diversity and Civility

Avoid making assumptions about individuals who you believe may or may not have come into contact with someone who is carrying the virus.

In some cases, public reactions to the virus have been sensationalized, and there have been individuals at institutions of higher education who reported encountering discrimination and harassment due to biased assumptions and overreactions. We treasure our international community members, students of color, and everyone who may be affected by this situation. We want to remind all members of our community to embody UMB’s Core Values of diversity and civility by providing understanding and support during this evolving situation. 

Diversity Advisory Council – representatives from each school and the campus