Faculty and Staff Parking

UMB faculty and staff parkers have a lot of options. Check this section for rules, regulations, and ADA accommodations.


Look at the parking options your have, with plans such as Payroll Deduction, Daily Permits, and Part-Time Faculty.


Update Parking Information

Did you get a new car?  Do you drive a second vehicle? Has your personal information changed?

Update Information

Have an electric car? Please see parking information for Electric Vehicles.

Want to know more about low-emissions parking? Please see more about Low Emissions Vehicles.

Learn how to save money by carpooling

Rules and Regulations 


Permit holders must park in assigned garage on weekdays prior to 4 p.m.

After 4 p.m., permit holders may park in any open University garage.

Make sure to remove your vehicle by 9 a.m. the following day, or you will be charged a visitor rate upon exit.

No refunds will be given.


Permit holders may park in any open garage on the weekends, but you must remove your vehicle by 9 a.m. Monday morning, or you will be charged the visitor rate upon exit.

No refunds will be given. Garages are not vehicle storage facilities.

For more information, see Parking Rules and Regulations.

AVI Hangtag Users

It has come to our attention that Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) items such as Maryland EZ Pass toll transponders and/or other non-UMB AVI hangtags may cause garage access issues. If you are experiencing issues with garage access and have a Maryland or another states EZ Pass transponder or a non-UMB AVI hangtag, please remove these from the front of your windshield when entering and exiting the garages. If you need further assistance, please email parkingnotification@umaryland.edu.

ADA Parking Accommodations 

Faculty and staff requiring specific ADA parking accommodations must be approved through Campus Health. Employees will need to apply for parking, and employee monthly and part-time faculty parkers must receive a parking assignment through their parking liaison. Parking and Transportation Services must receive approval from Campus Health and a parking allocation from the parking liaison before allowing full-time or temporary ADA parking closest to your school of work. Once approved, parker may complete an ADA application at this link:
ADA Application

Please note that the Lexington Market parking program is not part of the ADA parking accommodation program.

Please have your physician fax your medical record information to the Campus Health nurse, Florine Brissett, at 410-685-1962 or 667-214-1829

If you have any questions, please notify Parking and Transportation Services at 410-706-5518 before proceeding.