Parking Validation

UMB uses an automated parking validation program through the FLASH parking system. Parking validations can provide either discounted or full validation (based on a specified amount) for a parker visiting UMB; when a department is participating in the validation program. UMB parking validations are only valid in an UMB garage facility. All validations are issued by a specific department and are subject to audit and review. 

For any questions about parking validation or instances of lost or stolen validations please email

How Parking Validations Work

Options for Validating Parking

  1. Printed Validations - Validations will be printed out as barcodes to either be given to the parker or affixed on the back of their parking ticket. When providing validations or coupons, please provide your customers with parking information such as "Please bring your ticket with you to (add your own verbiage here)." Please see instructions for how to print off validations
  2. Online validations - The second method of providing validations is by doing an online eValidation. This uses the parker's parking ticket number to validate their parking. Please see the instructions on how to validate parking online.

Patient validations for the patient rate are for patients only. Any other use is strictly prohibited. Any department or employee caught using patient validation for personal or department use will have parking validation privileges revoked and may have their individual parking privileges revoked as well. There will be no department access to patient validations online. 

Username, Password and PIN

Parking and Transportation will provide users with login information and PIN. Usernames and temporary passwords will be provided for you by our office. The username is formatted as a merchant account number and an generic @X (example: If you need to establish a merchant account, please fill out the merchant account form.


Use the parking rate sheet to determine how much you should provide a pre-paid coupon. If you pay too much on the coupon, you will be refunded automatically. 

To pre-load your departments accounts for pre-paid parking validations, please fill out the pre-paid form.

Print Individual and Bulk Validations

These are instructions on how to print individual or bulk validations on standard 7.5" x 11" paper and Avery 5963 and 5160 mailing labels. You must disable browser pop-up blockers to allow the validation barcodes to generate. To print a coupon use the steps below but click the coupon tab instead. Do not photocopy coupons or validations as they are single use barcodes. 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Validator PIN. 
  3. Select Print Validation.
  4. Select Ticket Type and Validation Price. 
  5. If applicable, select Expiry Date and Department. 

To Print One Validation:

  • Select the first Print button

To Print Bulk Validation:

  • Select Bulk Type either: 
    • Avery Label 5963 prints 10 barcodes per page.
    • Avery Label 5160 prints 30 barcodes per page.
  • Enter the number to Print and click the second print button.
  • Wait for the system to generate a PDF of the validations in a separate tab.
  • Print the PDF
  • Cross-off the cell phone validation option on the paper that you give to the parker as it is not available at this time. 

How to Print Validations video

Preventing Duplicate Validations

Since the implementation of the new FLASH PARCS system there have been instances where customers have received a validation with a duplicate barcode. It is advisable that each department establish policies and procedures to prevent the duplication and reuse of printed barcodes. If a barcode is detected as already used when exiting a garage, the customer will not receive validation and will be responsible for the ticket cost. Barcodes should be treated as single-use items.

  • If the barcode does not print or there is an issue with printing the barcode you may print again. Properly destroy initial copies if there is a need to reprint barcodes due to a printing error. Shred or dispose of them securely to prevent accidental use or unauthorized duplication. Please reach out to if you close the coupon before you are able to print it. 
  • After printing the barcodes delete the original barcode word file to prevent duplicate validations. 
  • Store printed barcodes in a secure location to prevent unauthorized access and duplication.
    • Ex: a locked cabinet or restricted-access area,
  • Implement measures to track the distribution and usage of printed barcodes. Keep a record of recipients and purposes to identify any unauthorized duplicates.
  • Educate staff members about the importance of not reprinting or duplicating barcodes. Highlight the consequences, such as inventory errors or customer confusion, that can arise from using duplicate barcodes.

How to apply an eValidation

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Enter the PIN.
  3. Enter Ticket number and select Find Ticket. 
  4. Select the Department.
  5. Choose a Validation Price in the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Validate Ticker and confirm the validation. 

How to apply a eValidation video 

Validate Parking Using A Coupon

  1. Go to
  2. If applicable, enter the account PIN.
  3. Enter Ticket Number.
  4. Choose a Coupon in the drop-down menu and click add Coupon. 
  5. Select Apply Coupons to confirm.