In Case of Emergency

In emergency situations or during campus closures due to inclement weather, parking garages, the UM shuttle, and police escorts may be affected.


Can I get my car out of the garage if shelter-in-place has been ordered? 

If there is a shelter-in-place order in effect, the doors on all UMB garages will be secured, and no vehicles may go in or out. Please remain in place until further instruction.

Will the shuttle and police escorts operate when shelter-in-place is ordered? 

The walking and van escorts and the UMB shuttle are not in operation during a shelter-in-place order.

If the campus is closed, can I still use my parking garage?  

If the status of any of the UMB parking garages changes, that information will be posted on the UMB Parking and Transportation website. The information will also be distributed via X (the platform formerly known as Twitter)

If the campus is closed, can I use the shuttle to get home or to my car? Is the police escort service available? 

When the campus is closed, UMB shuttle and the police escort services will not run. If the campus is closing early, the UMB shuttle buses will leave the Pearl Street hub at the first scheduled time AFTER the time of closure and will complete their routes if the situation permits. So that means, if the campus closes at 3 p.m., the last shuttle bus will leave the Pearl Street hub at the first listed time AFTER 3 p.m. NextBus should reflect the route closure on the schedule.

In the event of an evacuation order, can I get my car out of the garage? 

Yes, unless the evacuation order included instructions to the contrary.

How can I find information about alternate routes home? 

Alternate routes home can be found on the Office of Parking and Transportation Services website. In addition, a variety of free navigation applications are available for your Android phone or iPhone. These services will provide not only maps, but also assistance finding the fastest route by avoiding traffic jams.

How will I get updated UMB shuttle route information? 

If you have not signed up to receive NextBus alerts, please do so. NextBus is your primary information source for the UMB shuttle.