Electric Vehicles

As part of the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) strategic initiative and Parking and Transportation Services’ (PTS) ongoing commitment to sustainability, Parking and Transportation Services strives to provide parking for electric vehicles and low emissions cars. 

Station Locations

The University hosts 21 electric vehicle charging stations open to University faculty, staff, students, and affiliates.

Baltimore Grand Garage, second level
Lexington Street Garage, first level
Plaza Garage, first level
Pratt Street Garage, first level
Pearl Street Garage, third level
Penn Street Garage, first level
Saratoga Street Garage, fourth level  


  • All vehicles must be charging when parked in the spaces. Violators will be ticketed.
  • The car is encouraged to moved within 4 hours, to allow others to use the charging stations. If the car is not moved in the 4 period a $2-per-hour-fee charged to the payment method that is on file with ChargePoint. The charging fee will not exceed $10 per day. 
  • Lexington Garage is “off-limits” for relocating before 4 p.m. if you are not assigned to the garage.
  • The use of regular convenience outlets to charge your car is not permitted
  • If no charging stations are available in you assigned garage, you may park in another garage. Upon entry, “pull a ticket” from the dispenser (after 4 p.m. and on weekends swipe your card). On exit, print your name, permit number, and EV charging on your ticket.
  • Persons assigned to a surface lot are not authorized to use the Charging Stations on campus before 4 p.m. on weekdays.

Please see EV Charging Policy for more details.

How To Charge Your Vehicle

There are two brands of Electric Charging Stations: 

  • ChargePoint 
  •  Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI)

For Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI):

No charging access card is required for use; just release the handle and plug into your vehicle.

For ChargePoint: 

The stations, manufactured by ChargePoint Inc., charge two vehicles per station. Each station provides 6.8 kilowatts of charging power (3.4 kilowatts when shared).

To charge your vehicle, you have the following options:

  • Contact 1-888-758-4389
  • Use your ChargePoint ChargePass
  • The ChargePoint app using your iPhone or Android

Activate Your Pass

For more information on the benefits of electric vehicles and charging stations, visit


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the electric charging stations? 

The electric charging stations on campus are for the supplemental charging of vehicles.

Will this fee be imposed every day on campus? 

Yes, this fee will be in effect every day 24/7. 

Why was this over limit fee imposed? 

In February 2022, Parking and Transportation held three focus sessions for electric vehicle users and other interested members of the UMB community to discuss many of the issues EV users faced. It was determined that a policy was needed to be implemented whereby all EV parkers would get an opportunity to use the stations if needed. Parkers currently are not abiding by the posted 4-hour charging limit and park in the spaces all day. We hope this new policy will help change the habits of some of our EV parkers.

I always aim for 100 percent charge. Am I wrong for doing that? 

If your battery charge is at 75-80 percent, you’re pretty full. Please consider getting a charge later or at home.

What if I can’t move my vehicle from the space after the 4-hour posted limit? 

We understand there will be some days when you’re not able to move your vehicle. However, there are days when you can. If you know you’re not able to move your vehicle that day, you should charge at home the night prior and not park in the space when you come to work. This will allow someone else to get a needed charge and will help in better utilizing the 21 stations.