Central Payroll Bureau

Employees can do the following on Central Payroll's website:

  • Change Taxes/Exemptions
  • Print W2s
  • Update Direct Deposit
  • Sign Up to Suppress Payroll Check Printing
  • Print Paychecks current - back two years


How long does it take for my direct deposit to start?

Once an employee is in the payroll system (it can take new employees 2-3 pay periods to be “in the system”), it will take 2 more pay periods for direct deposit to begin. A “pre-note” is done which is a test of the bank routing and account number. If the bank does not reject the pre-note, the direct deposit will begin next pay period.

How long does it take for my direct deposit to stop?

A direct deposit will stop within 21 days of filing the form with the Central Payroll Bureau. You will begin receiving a regular paycheck when direct deposit has stopped. Do NOT close your bank account until you have received your first regular paycheck. If you close your account and a direct deposit is attempted, it will delay the receipt of your wages.

What can I do if I have lost or misplaced my timesheet?

If you know your employee classification: Exempt  pdf icon , Non-exempt  pdf icon, or Hourly (Contingent Category I)  pdf icon , click on your classification type to get a blank timesheet to record the hours you worked. Since this timesheet does not contain your leave balances, you should verify that information with your Payroll Representative or by using the Self Service menu in the MyUMB Portal to check your leave balances.