Recommended Training for International Travelers

DisasterReady's online training for international travelers

We urge you to learn how best to reduce your personal security risk while traveling internationally. Even experienced travelers will benefit from DisasterReady's free Personal Safety and Security course.

1. Sign up for a DisasterReady account.

2. Log in to start learning.

3. Choose the Personal Safety and Security Certificate course - offered in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

We recommend especially the first 3 modules.

  • Personal Security Awareness (15 min.)
  • Preparing to Travel (10 min.)
  • Vehicle Travel Safety and Security (10 min.)
  • Field Communications (15 min.)
  • How Criminals Select Their Victims (10 min.)
  • Preventing Physical Assaults, Sexual Assaults, and Robbery (15 min.)
  • Working in a High-Risk Environment (15 min.)
  • Arrest and Detention (10 min.)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (10 min.)