Where does UMB travel worldwide?

Curious to know where UMB is traveling in the world? Click on the image below to access the UMB International Travel Map and learn more about UMB’s current presence and engagement in international travel. 

How does this resource differ from the UMB Global Footprint Map? While the Global Footprint Map illustrates UMB's current and recent international projects, our interactive International Travel Map provides real-time data on the travel requests submitted by UMB personnel, which can be filtered by time period, destination, and UMB unit. 

IO uses travel data to monitor global safety and security, and to provide enhanced operational support for priority destinations. The UMB community can also use this data to explore trends in the university's international activity and appreciate the global reach of UMB!

If you have any questions about the International Travel Map, please do not hesitate to contact us at globalhub@umaryland.edu