International SOS

What is ISOS and how does it benefit UMB travelers?

International SOS (ISOS)is a worldwide medical and security assistance provider, whose full range of services are available to those traveling internationally for UMB.  

All who conduct international travel on behalf of UMB are covered by International SOS and must register when they travel as part of their UMB work or study; please note that setting up your account will require UMB’s membership number, which can be found on the membership card.All UMB travelers shoulddownload the International SOS app for mobile-phone access to theirservices while traveling (don't forget to get international coverage and turn on alerts!) andprint a copy of the International SOS membership cardto carry while traveling.  

Travelers who use UMB's travel agency will have their itineraries automatically sent to International SOS for inclusion in their Travel Tracking database. Those booking outside of the travel agency must either forward their itinerary to or manually enter their trip via the MyTrips function (found on UMB's International SOS portal or in the Assistance App. Those booking travel on behalf of another person should forward the itinerary to and put the traveler in the CC line. International Operations uses this itinerary data in order for safety and security purposes; failure to upload trips booked outside of UMB's travel agency may limit UMB's ability to assist in the event of an emergency.   

ISOS Services

Check the resources below to learn more about ISOS and the services they provide. If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with the Global Hub at


The International SOS Assistance App provides support in the palm of your hand. Download the app and sign up using the QR code below to stay alert while traveling to incidents unfolding in real time


Want to talk to us?

Need to talk to someone about safety and security while traveling? Contact us at

If you are having a medical emergency, contact International SOS.

For non-medical emergencies, contact the International Safety & Security Incident Hotline.

FAQs about ISOS at UMB

Is International SOS a health insurance company? Does it provide health coverage when I’m traveling outside the US? 

No, it is not an insurance company, and it does NOT provide health or travel insurance.

What does International SOS provide to UMB's international travelers? 

  • Pre-trip planning assistance
  • Security and medical advice with an issue or injury while outside the US
  • Referrals to medical and legal personnel
  • Interpreter service as needed for engaging with international law enforcement or healthcare personnel that do not speak English
  • Emergency evacuation
  • 24/7 access to a live person from anywhere in the world through a comprehensive network spanning the globe

What about medical coverage and medical emergencies when I travel outside the US for UMB?  

Your personal health insurance is the primary insurance when you travel internationally. You are strongly advised to contact your personal health insurance provider to inquire about international coverage. If your insurance does not provide any coverage outside your country of residence, you should consider purchasing coverage beyond the emergency coverage provided by UMB.

UMB provides Travel Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance Benefits for individuals performing short-term business and academic travels outside their home country. The Travel Accident and Sickness insurance benefits are triggered in the circumstances of a medical emergency. If you face a medical emergency, you can use this benefit by contacting International SOS to open a case and receive guidance for emergency care and treatment. 

If you use UMB’s Travel Accident and Sickness insurance benefits, a team of individuals at International SOS, UMB, and its broker will work together to file the insurance claim on your behalf.

Please maintain International SOS's contact information with you so that your medical provider can reach out to International SOS and UMB if you are in an emergency and receive emergency treatment and cannot share your personal medical insurance information.

How much emergency coverage do I have as a UMB traveler, and what exactly is covered?  

The Travel Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance Benefits may cover up to a maximum of $250,000 per accident or sickness and include up to $2,500 in dental benefits related to emergency care.

Benefits will not be payable unless UMB (or our authorized assistance provider) pre-authorizes all expenses in writing or by an authorized electronic or telephonic means.

Am I covered for an emergency medical evacuation?  

Under Travel Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance Benefits, medical evacuation is covered and includes medical transport, medical services, and other related expenses. When applicable, these services will be coordinated by the patient, medical provider, International SOS, and UMB International Operations.

In an emergency, will I need to pay for these benefits upfront? 

If the doctor ordering the emergency medical evacuation certifies that the severity of the covered person’s medical emergency requires an emergency medical evacuation, in most cases, payment will not be required upfront. 

When a payment or upfront deposit is required, International SOS and UMB International Operations will work directly with the providers to ensure payment.

Will ISOS pay upfront for medical expenses? 

  • International SOS may work with UMB to pay expenses to guarantee payment to a medical provider or a hospital or other treatment facility.
  • Not all expenses can be paid upfront, and many require reimbursement after the fact.
  • The best course of action in any emergency is to call International SOS immediately, as they will guide you through the entire process.

Do I need travel insurance to cover unexpected delays in my travel? Who should pay for this? 

Travel insurance is the responsibility of the UMB traveler if they wish to procure it. Since UMB recommends buying refundable airline tickets when possible (and when not cost-prohibitive), no reimbursement for or purchase of travel insurance is authorized.

What happens if I must stay longer somewhere because I need to quarantine? Does UMB insurance cover this? 

  • In circumstances where a traveler’s trip is extended because they are subject to quarantine for any contagious disease, it is recommended that the traveler contact International SOS for quarantine guidance and comply with local regulations.
  • UMB’s Travel Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance Benefits will cover reasonable expenses incurred up to $2,000 or 7 days after the quarantine is issued.