For Faculty

Thank you for your support and assistance with the coordination of academic accommodations for UMB students with disabilities. 

As you know, the University is legally required to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, and faculty play a critical role in this process. A broad range of disabilities can affect a student's performance in the classroom, and each student’s specific disability and academic needs are unique.

Communication with the student is essential to discovering methods of accommodation. Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis according to the needs of the individual student and the nature of the student’s course of study. It is always most effective and beneficial when the student, faculty member, and ESDS work together to provide these accommodations so that students with disabilities are allowed equal access to all the University has to provide.

For more information regarding the accommodations process and working with students with disabilities, please review the Faculty Resources and Faculty FAQ. Faculty and staff are always encouraged to contact ESDS with any questions as well.