Student Note Takers

You are dependable, hard-working, and want to support fellow students — you sound perfect for us! The Office of Educational Support and Disability Services is always looking for note takers to assist students with disabilities. 

Scope of duties

  • Submit your class schedule each semester.
  • Complete a brief note taker training module and email the certificate to ESDS.  
  • Take detailed and well-organized notes each week in the courses that you have been assigned to by ESDS.
  • Take notes during all class sessions, including guest speakers, and exam reviews.
  • Upload your notes using link provided by ESDS within 48 hours after class.

Note taking is for you if ...

  • You have completed your FAFSA for the current academic year.
  • You are a student in good academic standing.
  • You complete tasks on time.
  • You take detailed and well-organized notes.
  • You want to support a fellow student.

Preferred skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Comprehensive note taking
  • Neat/legible handwriting (if notes are handwritten)


Note takers are expected to keep all assignment-related information strictly confidential. Note takers do not share information about the students they work with.

This includes:

  • Whom in class they assist with note-taking services.
  • Why the student needs note-taking services.


  • Note takers are paid through an Educational Support Financial Aid Award from the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Education.
  • The payment for note taking is $125 per credit hour, and the award will be dispersed at the end of the semester in which you take notes.
  • The award funds will first apply toward your tuition if you have a balance on your account. If you do not owe anything at the time of the award, you will receive a reimbursement as you have requested in the past (i.e., via check, Higher OneCard, or deposit). If you are not sure which reimbursement you have chosen, please contact Student Accounting (410-706-8357).
  • This award and taking notes will not count as a position of employment within UMB or the University System of Maryland.
  • For more details, please see the Note Taker FAQ

Questions? Check out Note Taker FAQ or contact ESDS