About Us

The Office of Educational Support and Disability Services (ESDS) works with students with all types of disabilities including physical, learning, sensory, psychological, ADHD, and chronic and acute medical conditions. 

ESDS acts as an ombudsman and liaison to the University of Maryland, Baltimore schools for the identification and provision of reasonable ac­commodations that may include educational support services designed to assist students with disabilities in achiev­ing their academic goals. ESDS works with the administration of each school to achieve equal educational access for students.

The mission of ESDS is to coordinate services that assist students with disabilities to obtain all types of reasonable accommodations through an interactive process involving the student, ESDS, and the school. Reasonable accommodations are modifications or alterations intended to provide equal access or improve accessibility to physical, programmatic, and academic areas of the University. 

ESDS approaches this mission in four ways:
  1. We provide and coordinate services for students with disabilities. Services are tailored to meet the needs of individuals based on their specific disabilities through an interactive process between the student, ESDS, and the school.
  2. We educate and provide consultation to University faculty, staff, and administrators to increase their awareness and sensitivity to individuals with disabilities.
  3. We provide support services for students with disabilities, including educational programs, academic coaching, and counseling.
  4. We provide students with disabilities the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to effectively advocate for themselves within the University community.