Academic Coaching

As a graduate and professional student, you are required to manage competing demands: challenging academics, hectic schedules, labs, and exams, as well as your personal and family life. Understandably, at times this can leave you feeling stressed, confused, or overwhelmed. To equip you to best meet these challenges, we developed Academic Coaching, a service designed to provide individual and personalized support during your time at UMB.  All students at UMB are welcome to participate in Academic Coaching Services, not just students with disabilities.

What is Academic Coaching?

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning. Together with an academic coach, students examine their learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success. Then this team (coach and student) works to create and put in place more effective strategies. The aim is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and anchor this with new strategies, a supportive relationship, and personal accountability.

How will Academic Coaches help me?

Coaches are trained to listen, observe, and customize their approach to the student’s individual needs. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the student, and they believe the student is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the student already possesses.

What are some examples of topics I can be coached on? 

Academic coaching can be useful for accomplishing the following goals:

  • Establish and complete important goals (e.g., finish a dissertation, complete school)
  • Work to develop effective study skills
  • Increase productivity or effectiveness
  • Re-adapt to an academic environment after years in the "real world”
  • Develop and execute a specific study plan
  • Create a time management plan for the week or for the semester
  • Obtain strategies to manage competing demands
  • Prepare a comprehensive study strategy for the semester

What if I don't receive academic accommodations. May I still seek out academic coaching?

Yes!  The Academic Coaching at UMB is an educational support service available to all UMB students; regardless of disability or accommodation status. We believe all students would benefit from having individualized attention on their academic process, and to create a strategy to have their goals attained.

How to do I get started?

Please submit a coaching request using our online form.

If you have any questions about academic coaching, please email

How to Get Started with Academic Coaching

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